Silver Shoes

When I went to Thailand, we went to this dance show. There was one bit when 5 of them beautifully colourfully dressed were wearing the same shoes - a silver glittery pair. 

I bought about 5 pairs of footwear there, and though I found a silver pair in one show room, I never found one that really clicked, so never got any silver ones. To be fair, in awe of all the different colours, I wasn't quite intently looking for one particular pair of shoes. But then, it was and is stuck in my head. Just like those Baggit shoes long ago.
So I have tendency to keep wishing I had them. No different here. Except maybe that silver shoes are much easier to find. When you're looking for just them that is.

Today, out of the blue, about 3 minutes ago, it suddenly struck me. It struck me that I don't want to find those silver shoes just yet. I will wear them on the day I walk down the aisle... whenever that is. Recently I decided that no matter what it takes, I'm going to wear a white dress for my wedding. I've never quite completely fit in with my culture or any culture. 
So it makes sense to wear the dress I dreamt about ever since I laid hands on that Little Women Book, oh so long ago! 
It's funny how I know who my three flower girls are going to be, who my maid of honour is, who my bride's maids are going to be, what colour shoe I'd be wearing! What flowers I'll be holding, -no wait, not sure about that yet. But I have no idea who, where and when ;)
No hurry though. This way, when he comes along, I won't be flustered before the wedding. I'll already have a giant wedding book like Monica to have an ultra smooth wedding.

I love footwear. It can change my mood and my attitude in seconds. So obviously, my white / silver foot wear has to be extra special, and I gotta find 'em.