Paper Cut

There are big things like ... being unable to figure out the purpose of life, being a social recluse, not able to figure out what career I want, not getting a job I want ...

Then there are tiny little things... things like ... Being unable to revamp my resume at one go - who knows what they wanna see?!, Seeing an ex (boy) friend's birth date on a sample resume, the perfectest tall guy bf gifting a girl an Audi Q5 (because she likes corny things!!!) in a drama, my hair not feeling perfect in spite of a long lathery wash, cutting my finger when cutting ginger, not being able to smell what I cooked for some odd reason, stitching that is yet to be done.

We have small things, and big things. They say its the little things that matter in life. As far as today is concerned,  damn right, it's the little things! Argh, they can make a person so irritated. And frustrated! Though not even one full drop of blood came out, and the dish did taste good, it is still not my day.

And that girl in the drama? Some accident, and now she's driving an R8.

God please help me get an Audi before I hit 30!


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