Mid night, White night.

Another midnight post 

Don’t we just love those!

It’s 12: 20 AM, and I just got myself a snack from the kitchen. Why is that even a point worth mentioning? Because the kitchen window was… is open and earlier tonight I saw some white light reflected on some leaves or something through it. Why does that matter? Rewinding a bit: Because I say a portion of the movie “The Eye” yesterday.

Still not making any sense to you right? Understandable that.

Toing toing toing: Rewinding a lot more: I don’t do scary movies. The scariest movie I’ve ever watched is a movie called shock. Even in that, I think I saw the ghost just once. The rest of the time, it’s either the music or my sister telling me when I should have my eyes tightly shut, and when I can watch the movie.
So “The Eye” starring Jessica Alba, is a movie about a girl who gets an eye transplant, and … no points for guessing… starts seeing dead people, ghosts and the like. All scary movies have a ghost signature – colours: white or black mostly. And other ghostly things (Parts when my eyes are definitely shut) – mirrors, sounds in the dark (D’uh), empty rooms, empty passageways, photographs… cameras … ok okay, you get the drift (And I’ve started really creeping myself out here!!!)
The Eye, (in the first 20 minutes) had the trade mark girl dressed in white, long black hair (Shudder).

Toing toing toing: Present!

So yes, now you know why I considered myself very brave for going in there, and getting my snack. Despite knowing the window is open. I looked out, and remembered that back when I was a student in the hostel, we used to roam on the streets around the hostel all night. And that was soo much fun. Even now, the night is … will always be dear to my heart. With all of its mystery…

Why am I rambling? Because its June now.

No more my birthday month. No more the month I gave myself to think and make a ton of decisions. It’s the month to take action! The decisions have been made. But I was so objective about it, that I spent very little time on it. So, they obviously haven’t sunk in. Besides, I’ve realized that I can support myself financially – freelancing for a while. So the pressure has greatly decreased.

Normally, New Year begins with fresh expectations and a clean slate and all, but I give myself till May to wrap things up nicely. Now May is over. June it is. Blessed June; which always brings with it a ton of emotions and guaranteed mood swings.

Mood swings + Less working hours + Me = Bad …terrible terrible combination!

Anyways, what will be will be. Doing a bit of travelling this weekend. Mini trip. Going to keep myself occupied a lot. Did I tell you that I’ve been experimenting with cooking? And obviously, I’ll keep you updated on all that happens on the flip side!

Still dreaming,
Someday’s Dreamer


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