Fate: A Story about someone else

I really believe in fate. I believe that I might bump into that special someone at a mall, or at the movies, or in a park. I’m always extra aware of my surroundings at those places. I take efforts to look better to go shopping at a mall, than at a shop. But, contrary to my beliefs, or rather – in spite of my beliefs, I rarely make eye contact with anyone when I am out by myself, which is a lot.

He was a budding celebrity. His boy band was just taking off.
He believed in fate, he believed that he might meet that special someone at the subway, or at a crossing, or some random place. He was always aware of those surroundings, and waited for the day when he would look into some one’s eyes and feel it. That connect that might probably re-define him for the rest of his life.

I like tall people. So when I feel more conscious when I notice them looming around. But I don’t walk slower or dilly-dally around them. I just walk past briskly and wonder if they noticed.

He was at a hospital when he first laid eyes on her. He had gone to visit someone, and on his way out; he saw her. She was sitting at the counter. His heart beat faster as he realized that this is the moment he had been waiting for, from forever! He didn’t take his eyes off of her for twenty whole seconds. He finally shook himself, walked up to her and asked her for her phone number.
She looked, blinked, “Sorry, no”

Disheartened, like never before, he walked away with heavy steps. He left the building, went up to his car. It struck him then, that a real man wouldn’t just give up on what he believed to be his fate based on two simple words. Freshly motivated, he almost ran back.
The waiting line required patients to pull out a number.  He pulled out 10. When the first number in his hand was called for by her, we went up. Put up his best smile and said “I’ve come back for you”. Even in his head that line sounded too cheesy – enough to give one goose bumps. She looked at him steadily and said, “I’m really sorry, but I have a boy friend”.

He left for real this time. Dejected, but not so much. After a few weeks, he found himself again being conscious of himself and those around him at subways and walkways, but not with the same fervor anymore.
Few months passed before he saw her again.  He never thought he would. They were hosting a fan signing, after his band’s latest album became a hit. She was standing on the line approaching him. A million thoughts crossed his head. Could she have broken up with her boyfriend, and found this opportunity to let him know that? A heady combination of hope and happiness made him smile radiantly at all those in front of him. He signed as fast as he possibly could, waiting for the moment that she would be in front of him. He had no idea about what he wrote or said for the next few minutes. He knew positively that he felt more excited then, than when they had first stepped on stage after their debut. Giddy with happiness, after posing for yet another picture, he looked up to track her approach again. She was close now, only 5 persons away. But something wasn't right. A longer look, and he realized that she wasn’t standing on the line approaching him, but was on the queue approaching his band mate – the drummer who sits at the back. Not him, the lead singer, but the drummer.

As she approached, she didn’t even look in his direction. Kept laughing about something with her friend who stood behind her, got her CD signed and left.

He never believed in fate again. Never looked twice at someone to wonder; “What if”.

 I still believe in fate. I believe that I might bump into someone at the mall, look into his eyes and just know. So I stopped going to malls.

Disclaimer: This story (The him bits) is really something that happened to a someone from a popular boy band.


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