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I debated a lot about if or not such a thing even deserves a post dedicated to it. But then I realized that I spend so much of my daily life with these gadgets, that when I've made a definite progress I should happily broadcast it. Especially when its a triple gain like this time! All in one day too!
As for as gadgets go, I think 2012 is closely competing with 2011. I don't know which of them win actually. 2011 I got my baby, my best friend and boy friend - my net-book. Though I wonder if its a she or he, since I've named her Wendy, but the net-book's like how I imagine a perfect boy friend would be; Keeps me entertained, listens to all I say, amazing patience (digitally translated to battery life) and a big big heart (Memory, and important dates).
This year though, earlier on, my laptop (Stevie - not this one I'm using now) (And yes, in case you're wondering, my phone has a name too... D'uh!) got his much needed windows upgrade along with a Microsoft office 2010. I'm a big fan of Microsoft office,  especially now that it's more integrated with their office online, making my life gloriously simple in oh-so-many way! If MS 2007 was awesome, 2010 is bleddy brill!
I also happened to pick up the tiniest 1 TB external hard disc on my trip. It's pocket sized! with its own pouch and all. Compared to my giant externally powered older one, which is currently finally breathing in green again (after the new tiny one came to share the burden) this one's like 2200 meets 1700!

So what happened yesterday?
3 things which I've been really wanting for a long time!

First: My home's finally WiFi-fied. There was a huge internal battle yesterday, when I finally gave in and opted for the WiFi router, instead of the base replacement modem. I had always rebelled against readily available Internet, for fear of over dependency. But here I am, on my bed, comfortably typing away.

Second: I finally finally finally downloaded some new themes onto my phone. I love colour. Colour symphony matters a LOT to me, even in day to day life. So one major draw back of the my Azumi (Yes, that's my Nokia Phone) is that they've provided only 10 colour choices, which are technically only 5 colours in 2 shades each. So apart from a ruby red, and occasionally a white which went with some of my wallpapers, the rest of the colour themes were crappy. And till yesterday, I had always thought that I was stuck with those. Stupid me, I know! So, with the help of the new Wifi, I was browsing away [In my phone, even though it is a 3G phone, I haven't subscribed Internet, for reasons stated in the above paragraph. Nonetheless, I have browsed the internet through wifi whenever the need arose, or when I was bored in airports and the like with free wifi - so I really dunno why I never realized I could download themes before o.0 (Ok, real long bracketed bit - sowie!)] and found some amazing, and some real whacko themes. So no Azumi can have not just wallpapers, but also themes that match my moods and fancies - Yaayyy!!!

Third: Lastly, the best of the lot (In spite of the wi-fi - yes) is that I can finally change my desktop backgrounds in Wendy! (This is the pause when there's drum roll, and applause *nods*) Super duperly awesome or what ?!?!? :D Here's the back ground story - I got Wendy last year, right.  The OS installed in net-books is Windows 7 Starter. What windows went and did very brilliantly, to "increase" efficiency is disable a lot of personalization features like changing desktop backgrounds, sounds and the like. If you had noticed from earlier, I am big on personalization. Almost all my things have my stamp on them. So the fact that I had to stare at that silly blue windows pic every time I booted was not a nice feeling. I have asked and bugged many a techie to help me find a solution for that. Yesterday, BAM! out of no where I found it! Apparently after many sad and angry souls like me kept complaining, some kindred heart created a software called Oceanis - Background Change, so now I can have different desktop back grounds every 10 minutes :D Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

Happiness in my digital life :)

[19 June 2012]

And guess what guess what guess what! It rained yesterday :) 


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