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Paper Cut

There are big things like ... being unable to figure out the purpose of life, being a social recluse, not able to figure out what career I want, not getting a job I want ...

Then there are tiny little things... things like ... Being unable to revamp my resume at one go - who knows what they wanna see?!, Seeing an ex (boy) friend's birth date on a sample resume, the perfectest tall guy bf gifting a girl an Audi Q5 (because she likes corny things!!!) in a drama, my hair not feeling perfect in spite of a long lathery wash, cutting my finger when cutting ginger, not being able to smell what I cooked for some odd reason, stitching that is yet to be done.

We have small things, and big things. They say its the little things that matter in life. As far as today is concerned,  damn right, it's the little things! Argh, they can make a person so irritated. And frustrated! Though not even one full drop of blood came out, and the dish did taste good, it is still not my day.

And that girl i…

Prisoner in Paradise

She lifted the curtains a teensie bit on the side, and looked through the window yet another time. It sure did sound like it, but she couldn't make out if she saw the pitter patter of drops or not. She let the curtains fall, and went back to writing on her laptop. Three words, and she was reaching for the curtain yet again. She almost let it fall back, when she noticed it. The unmistakeable lighting up of the whole street by a lightning.

She left what she was doing as it was, and ran to the door. Quickly unlocked it and stood still in her verandah. The smell of the rain and the winds surrounded and engulfed her. Zoe had waited for this for so long. She pressed her face, to see through one of the petal shaped apertures of the metal gate - Part of the iron frame surrounding her verandah, a detailed flower garden pattern in metal.

Since he wasn't in town, and it was quite late in the night, the gate was already locked. Not bothering to open it, she rested her chin on the cold iro…

Silver Shoes

When I went to Thailand, we went to this dance show. There was one bit when 5 of them beautifully colourfully dressed were wearing the same shoes - a silver glittery pair. 
I bought about 5 pairs of footwear there, and though I found a silver pair in one show room, I never found one that really clicked, so never got any silver ones. To be fair, in awe of all the different colours, I wasn't quite intently looking for one particular pair of shoes. But then, it was and is stuck in my head. Just like those Baggit shoes long ago. So I have tendency to keep wishing I had them. No different here. Except maybe that silver shoes are much easier to find. When you're looking for just them that is.

Today, out of the blue, about 3 minutes ago, it suddenly struck me. It struck me that I don't want to find those silver shoes just yet. I will wear them on the day I walk down the aisle... whenever that is. Recently I decided that no matter what it takes, I'm going to wear a white dress…

Digital Utopia

I debated a lot about if or not such a thing even deserves a post dedicated to it. But then I realized that I spend so much of my daily life with these gadgets, that when I've made a definite progress I should happily broadcast it. Especially when its a triple gain like this time! All in one day too! As for as gadgets go, I think 2012 is closely competing with 2011. I don't know which of them win actually. 2011 I got my baby, my best friend and boy friend - my net-book. Though I wonder if its a she or he, since I've named her Wendy, but the net-book's like how I imagine a perfect boy friend would be; Keeps me entertained, listens to all I say, amazing patience (digitally translated to battery life) and a big big heart (Memory, and important dates). This year though, earlier on, my laptop (Stevie - not this one I'm using now) (And yes, in case you're wondering, my phone has a name too... D'uh!) got his much needed windows upgrade along with a Microsoft offic…

Fate: A Story about someone else

I really believe in fate. I believe that I might bump into that special someone at a mall, or at the movies, or in a park. I’m always extra aware of my surroundings at those places. I take efforts to look better to go shopping at a mall, than at a shop. But, contrary to my beliefs, or rather – in spite of my beliefs, I rarely make eye contact with anyone when I am out by myself, which is a lot.
He was a budding celebrity. His boy band was just taking off. He believed in fate, he believed that he might meet that special someone at the subway, or at a crossing, or some random place. He was always aware of those surroundings, and waited for the day when he would look into some one’s eyes and feel it. That connect that might probably re-define him for the rest of his life.
I like tall people. So when I feel more conscious when I notice them looming around. But I don’t walk slower or dilly-dally around them. I just walk past briskly and wonder if they noticed.
He was at a hospital when h…

White, Black and Brown

She sat in her usual seat, by the railing on the first floor. It overlooked the floor below, and because of the shop's glass windows, she could even look on at the street, when distracted.
She fell in love with this place for this seat. And the metal railing. The heavy metal chairs, soft plushy cushions with the glass tables gave the place an oddly comforting feel.
She was looking out at the street. One hand supporting her chin, and the other mindlessly playing a tune on her glass. One ear phone plugged into her ear, and the other dangling. Some soft tune played into her ears. Apple juice and caramel custard - her signature order. She knew the place boasted many unique milkshakes, that they were famous for. But she always preferred ordering the apple juice which wasn't on the menu. Initially, the people at the shop always double checked her order, with a surprised look. As if to say, "why would she come to us for just a plain apple juice?!". Not any more. Now when sh…

Out of Focus - Missed Memories

Do you know that feeling that you are staring at one thing so hard, that everything else around it becomes a blur? And at the end, you don't even register what you were staring at, because it was just an object that you last saw, before tuning out completely.
I'm like that.
I hate to admit it, but at the moment, FB is my only connect to the outside world. The world which was once mine. Yup, I've become that person.
The person who is way too comfortable being all by herself, with limited human contact.
I suddenly see pictures of moments I missed. Memories I must have made for myself. Not just look into the pictures with others in it. Weddings I missed, birthdays I missed.
Its like sitting in a bus stop, staring at a faraway twig - blanked out. And suddenly, you refocus, just to see the bus you had been waiting hours for, leaving... too far to run to it. The bus probably honked when he was at the stop. But I was too out of focus to notice.
I find myself shaking my head despe…

Mid night, White night.

Another midnight post 
Don’t we just love those!
It’s 12: 20 AM, and I just got myself a snack from the kitchen. Why is that even a point worth mentioning? Because the kitchen window was… is open and earlier tonight I saw some white light reflected on some leaves or something through it. Why does that matter? Rewinding a bit: Because I say a portion of the movie “The Eye” yesterday.
Still not making any sense to you right? Understandable that.
Toing toing toing: Rewinding a lot more: I don’t do scary movies. The scariest movie I’ve ever watched is a movie called shock. Even in that, I think I saw the ghost just once. The rest of the time, it’s either the music or my sister telling me when I should have my eyes tightly shut, and when I can watch the movie. So “The Eye” starring Jessica Alba, is a movie about a girl who gets an eye transplant, and … no points for guessing… starts seeing dead people, ghosts and the like. All scary movies have a ghost signature – colours: white or black mostl…