7: Sawadee Kap: I'm leaving on a Jet Plane!

It's the D day !

I'm off for a 5 hour drive, visit my baby neice, a cousin I haven't seen in a while, theennnnnnnn..... THAILAND!!!

Yesterday was my last day at office.It was one blur of a last day. But it was good. It didn't feel like good bye, though I said it to so many times and to people. Maybe because I left really late, after most. Good plan that! Anyways, that is a different story. Where a LOT of chocolate cake was involved, the best send off party ever,  and the prettiest pink watch, that shall be joining me on my trip to Thailand :)

I had eaten so much at office, that I had to have yoghurt for dinner!

My grandma's train ticket stayed wait listed. (None of our wishes came true on that, unfortunately)But we found an alternative mode of transport, albeit a little less smoother. Nonetheless, she'll reach much faster. Must be reaching about now, actually :)

I finished packing last night at 10 PM. Rechecked my list. cross checked with friends. And the bags are all set :) I'm taking a coat just in case. For the flight, and if those thunder storms decide to show up! ;)

I watched a whole bunch of WGM till about 1 last night. I love Dong Hae. Period. That love story shall continue when I get back ;) (Isn't it so fun to be frivolous and shallow occasionally?! - Don't raise your eye brows at shallow mish!)

Oh, by the way, our return tickets are not confirmed :P I just noticed yesterday. I'm not complaining though! *Evil grin*. hehe. I don't mind staying for a few days more! ;)

So I'm off now:)


Small note: My mom and I have always dreamed of this day together. And she is definitely with me. You're right here with me momoi! Muah! keep watching over me :)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............!!! :)

Date: 5 May 2012
Date of departure: 5 May 2012
Count Down: 0.75 days 

*I'm leaving on a jet plane,
Don't know when I'll be back again,
Oh babe, I love to go!"

Taaaaaaaa! :)


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