6. Sawadee kap: One good news, Two bad news,One big scare and some shopping!

Yesterday was a day of a lot of improvements !

Lets start with the scare; To think back, it doesn't feel like that big a deal. But in that half hour, I was walking around like a maniac. What was it? I had misplaced my camera!
I'm quite an organized person, and I rarely if ever lose things. So losing the camera, especially just 2 days before the trip, FeReaky !!! After half hour of of looking everywhere, and I mean everywhere, I found it in the same place it was supposed to be, behind a sheaf of paper. Funny little thing! In that half hour, I had already started formating theories on how and where I might have lost it, and how and with what am I going to replace it. Glad that's not necessary! Phew!
And like I said, thinking back, its probably not that big a deal. I just hadn't felt that ...that..in a while.

To the bad news, My grandma's (who didn't want to come with us, and is going to our native place for a while.) train ticket is still wait-listed. being tonight's train, that's bad. Especially coz she might have to stay here alone in case the tickets don't come through. It's at 14, so we have our fingers crossed, and trying to look for alternatives. Wishes such as - maybe a big family of 16 will cancel their tickets, or all the other wait listers' cancelling their tickets, bumping her all the way  - are flying from this household. Hehe. Hope we figure out a happy ending to this issue though!

The other bad news is that the Thai Bhat is appreciating quickly, meaning, less money to spend! Pity right :(

So now for the good news !!! :D

(Are you one of those people who prefers bad news at first, and good news finally, so that it feels like a happy ending? I am! )

We got our itinerary and the tickets last night (Finally, right ?!) and guess whhaaattttt !!!!! It's a full five days at Thailand :D, as opposed to what I had earlier believed to be 4 days plus 3 hours. So guess who's gonna spend her entire birthday having funn !!!! Meeeeee :D
Did I mention earlier that the 10th is my Birthday? ;)
I had been especially excited about this trip, because not only was it going to be a birthday present of sorts, but also,owing to time difference, the return flight will make it my longest birthday ever!! One and a half hours longer :D So my Birthday this year will  be 25.5 hours long. (The flight starts at 9.30 PM from there, reaching here at 11.25 PM) Happiness :D

One bummer though is that so much more time to shop, and lesser money to spend!

To compensate for which, I started shopping yesterday :P
So I had to get something for my grandma. And you know how shops have this ...magnetic effect right? And I was just telling you yesterday about how I had no clothes to take! :P I didn't shop for too much, just 2 pairs of matching Capri pants, one for me and one formy sis, from UCB. I louwe UCB ! They have some of the most comfortable clothing ever!
[My sister cut up her Capri pants because she felt the length was not right. But then again, she's the girl who pains over Tommy Hilfiger logos, because she doesn't like how they look just sitting there. So I'm not saying anything! ~ Hope she wears it with me at Bangkok though. Matching clothes are so fun in photographs, don't'cha think?]

And while I was packing yesterday, I got a ear full from my friend when I told her that I was wearing comfy Tee and Jeans for the flight. She went all berserk and said I had to wear good stuff there, coz you never know whom you might bump into at the airport, or sit next to. Considering I'm going with family, its a good guess that I'll be sitting next to them;) Nevertheless, I repacked my airport attires. I do agree with her on the bump into bit though. My dad sat next to a movie star yesterday, on his way back home. Cool huh ! So extra airport baggage it is :D

That's how its going.
Leaving tomorrow :)

Date: 4 May 2012
Date of departure: 5 May 2012
Count Down: 1.5 days !

P.S: I wrote the first half when i had just woken up. That'll probably explain my broken writing there :)

Ta for now :)


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