5. Sawadee Kap: All my Bags are Packed

At least 80% packed!
[Sorry for the delay in the post, but I was packing last night! ]

Yesterday was all about finally getting down to action.
I've got my Traveller's Thai book, with the language bit and all.

I got a lot of specific information on what to shop for, and where.

And packing, as I said, 80% done!

I'm all set for Pattaya, but not so sure about Bangkok.
The touristy clothes are kind of set, but my dad was saying something about going out for dinners. Dinners here are a cake walk. But what does one wear at Thailand? Hmm... I'm probably fretting way too much, and they just wear what we wear here. Lets hope! Owing to all these confusions, my luggage is starting to be a bit heavier than it should be.
Another issue, which I'm starting to wonder if it's a completely girl thing, with our wiring and all.
I don't have any clothes to take to Bangkok! All my clothes look boring and drab. Why why why ???
I wonder if my sister is facing the same problem! (Having her holidays, she's just begun packing~ Lucky bug)
Suddenly, it feels like I have waayyy too many formal clothes, and not enough casuals.
Another thing is their climate at Bangkok; is it going to be hot or thunder-stormy? Sigh, I'm confused... so very!

Going to do one round of last minute mini shopping today for Sis and I.

We leave day after :D Weeeeee !!!!

Date: 3 May 2012
Date of departure: 5 May 2012
Count Down: 2.5 days !


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