3. Sawadee kap: Lists, lists and more lists!

I had a day off and made definite progress!
At least mental preparedness wise . Yaayy me !
I've got so many lists in the process now though,


  1. Brief shopping list in my phone
  2. Things to pack list in my list notebook
  3. Some list I printed like a week back, hiding in a pile of papers which have info about Thailand. I don't even remember what list that was any more :/
  4. List of shopping places in Bangkok. (Need to get Pattaya list tomorrow *makes mental list* )
  5. Emergency contacts and tips.
Here's the plan, fir 2 days at Pattaya will be full on relaxation. Stroll the beaches and eat yum food. get beach jewellery... beads... and sunrise at Pattaya (That's something that I just realised ! - Oh no, which list will that go into ?! *Rushes off to make new ' Things to do at Pattaya' List* ) Pattaya, I'm guessing, won't be as crowded and city-y as Bangkok, so it'll be a real vacation. 
Then the next three days at Bangkok will be jam packed, shop-check out stuff-shop-take pictures-shop-big building, city style.

Okay, might sound a bit over prepared for a 5 day trip, but I needed to get in the groove yunno? And, now I am. 
Two things contributed to this. One, starting to pack. And two, one phone conversation.


Today being labourer's day, is a day off. I have to finish majority of my packing today, as I will be working the remaining 3 days. ('Have' and not 'had' because I still have so much more packing to do ;) ) Once I got started, I realized that I could wear so many clothes which I can't quite wear here. That's always an awesome feeling, knowing we'll get a chance to finally use those clothes which are impulse buys. So, now I have a huge pile of clothes, from which I have to short list for my trip. De-packing sort of!
The the latter bigger contributor of my finally getting in the groove is a phone conversation. yes yes, I'm a girly girl. And one phone conversation can get me all hyped up. Especially if it's peppered with shrieks... no wait, that was shrieks peppered with conversation. About what to do in Thailand, what else I can get, and how awesome it is going to be :) 

One more tiny thing may that my sister's back from her camp, and is awake (She spent all day yesterday sleeping), so she is also slowly getting in the groove, which is fuelling my groove! Groove to the groove, na?

Now, my shopping list is twice as long! What is left of my packing is more of un-packing, and I am suber uber in the groove! Or almost there ;P 

Date: 1 May 2012
Date of departure: 5 May 2012
Count Down: 4 days !


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