One lost ear ring...

I don't like change.
No, its not change, I don't like. It's uncertainty.

So I came here to rant about all the things that are over whelming me, and guess what blogger decided to do?!
Get a new look!
Change, I tell ya, is plaguing me.
Some notice? An option of using the old look till I decide to get used to the idea that a new one is lurking around? Nope. Just open blogger one fine day, a day when one wants to rant about change, and WHAM - they change! Seriously people! A little sensitivity her ?! I've been using that old look since I began blogging...
I sigh, and the writing area decides to expand to fill the page with no scroll down option!!! AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH !!!! Wae wae wae WAE ?!?! I prefer knowing how much space is left to the end.

My life is fine... nothing majorly bad.
But its those tiny kutty kutty things, that you know you can deal with individually. And there is no need for defense mechanisms like denial or keeping myself super busy.
3 medium sized things, all in one week. Plus this blogspot look changing (ok, that's too tiny to matter, I know, but still..)
1. Like you already know, the wedding thing. I made up my mind, told my dad that I need time. Dad tells grandma. She freaks. Now she talks about it all the time. ALL the time. I'm not kidding! She's spoken about it so much in the past week, I'm going to get serious allergic. Or worse, when she's not talking about it, she takes someone's wedding card (And damn, why do so many people we know have to get married ?!? even if they do, can't they just send e-cards or something? Then I can delete it, tell myself its because of space issues, and not feel too evil/ guilty about it) So my grandma takes some wedding card, sits, stares at it, and sighs as loud as ever, followed by smaller sign, then "In my lifetime ....." Another sigh. Sheesh right?
2. Job hunt thing, which I've had to put on hold temporarily because of my exam on Monday.
[psst...I'm like one inch from the bottom of my lappy, and this thing's scroller won't show! Blogspot,seriously! I bite!
Aaahh, there it is! I guess threats work with techno stuff too ! Bwahahaha]
Anyway, so yes, this being April - Appraisal month, no one's really hiring. Even though I know I don't wanna work till probably the last week of May or June beginning ... well you know, this is one big uncertainty!
3. Finally, The impending exam, and more stressing is the 200 page record that I have to hand write by tomorrow. And I've finished only 50.

Finally, the tiny things
  • My sister lost a ear ring, I had like forever, and gave absolutely ridiculous answers to how, what , when or what next. (I might have really blown up yesterday at that)
  • My grandma suggested she re-arrange a bag of mine now, (getting ready for the trip 2 weeks from now! TWO weeks!) and
  • Blogspot ...ok ok...we've covered that bit. (You can't get mad at me for that blogspot, you did spring it on me!)

So.. after putting it like this, I'm realizing it's probably just stress and not a depressive spell around the corner (Okay, yeah, Maybe too much of psychology) that made me want to drive off to some un-inhabited location and scream.

So I guess its not change... or uncertainty ...its just stress.
Hmmm..... and come Monday, exam done, I guess I'll be fine.
I better be, huh !

Danke, kiregu adios !


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