Cookies and faraway memories

Has some tiny random wish come true for you?
Well, of course it has.
And isn't it so much sweeter when they come in groups! In threes, to be more specific. Wishes come true in groups of three, so that's a given :)
That's what happened to me last week, cookies, noodles and a reason to go to a place :)

Sometime last week, I found myself wondering how nice it would be to have chocolate chip cookies dipped in cold milk. Wishing more like. For some odd reason, I had forgotten to get them with the monthly provisions, and was too lazy to go out for just a pack of cookies. And my on going diet to the list of reasons, and we're left with one sad little girl with no cookies! Not for long though :)
I drag along to office the next day, work work work, yap yap yap, work yap work yap...the usual, and guess what! A friend calls and says I've got these cookies from Auroville for you, don't forget to pick them up before you leave! Golly Tumolly I tell you ! And these cookies were not just normal chocolate chip cookies, they were chocolate filled cookies! We all know filled is soooo much better that just chocolate chip. And there was not just one or two, but 4 packs.Yummaliciousness!!! These were so good, they are probably right up there, next to Subway's Double Chocolate.
Chocolate filled cookies, dipped in cold milk - Check!

Three of us had gone out for lunch last Friday, to a food court. For lack of better restaurant in the walkable vicinity. I'm normally not a big fan of food courts, but this time, it wasn't so bad. We had a whole variety of food. Homey, Oriental, Fruity. As we were looking through the noodles menu, I was hoping for Singapore noodles, as they would be a good addition to our palate, but they no have it :(
We had pan fried instead. A little bit of regret, but all the fun and chatter, and it was long forgotten!
That night, we had gone out for dinner (Which has a whole story in itself) - a dinner buffet to be more specific. And guess what was one of the two types of noodles available ? Yup, Singapore noodles :)
And in it went, despite me knowing that I would be trying eight out of the ten dessert varieties. (I'm not a roly poly by the way. Not yet anyway)

Do you know those places we used to hang around at a lot as university students, and as we grow older, stop frequenting them. CCD is one such place for me. Just last Wednesday, I found myself hoping for a reason to go there with someone. Just go hang out, those oh-so-familiar leather couches. Menu that is probably been the same in ages! On thursday, I got a text saying that we were gonna have a blogger meet, and guess the venue! Yup, CCD. The happiness :)
So on Saturday I went there. The familiar mall - only mall with free parking in the city. (That matters. Especially did back when I was a student ;) ) I parked, went toward the double door and that's when it hit me. A whole bunch of memories. Complicated-confused-not-so-happy memories of happy times. I couldn't shake off the feeling, no matter how hard I tried. Ghosts of the memories past lived in that place. And I should not have gone alone. By force of habit, I walked into some of the shops I used to shop/ window show - for colours at. I stepped into CCD, and left. Didn't find the group I was supposed to meet.

Do you know the term "Be Careful What You Wish For" ?
I think God demonstrated it to me last week. Owing to recent events, I guess He knew how much I could and couldn't handle. I say God, because we've been having a push and pull relationship recently. I can sense it from His end too. Interesting.
But no matter what, its a nice feeling to get what we wish for!
And I am going to continue wishing for ... all kindsa things. I may get them sometimes, I may not at others. And I may get it, and then regret for most. Or many. Nonetheless, regret what you did, than what you didn't, right!

Off to open the third pack of cookies :)

Hope your wishes come true too :)

Ta !


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