Across the universe

If I could be doing anything right now, anything at all, I'd be sitting along the beach drinking a green apple vodka martini.

Do you know how physically and emotionally exhausting it is to keep reminding yourself that you are an adult, when having a tough conversation with your parent?

I made a big big decision tonight, and put it across too. It hasn't sunk in for him yet, that I can see. Surprisingly though, it has for me. I guess this is what I always wanted, and knew it somewhere inside too. I was just not ready/ old enough to own to it or say it out loud.
Today I did.
Bigger future responsibility, definitely. But not ambiguous anymore. And makes sense to me.
I hope he accepts it.
I hope he gets used to it.
I hope I were born anywhere but here, to the same family.
I hope I were across the universe.
I just wish I were at that beach with the chill of that green apple martini numbing my senses.


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