2.Sawadee kap: "Hello Stranger" - A review and some other things

As you know, I am leaving to Thailand in less than a week's time. Preparations are slow, but steady.
As part of the preparations, I had wanted to watch at least one Thai movie or Drama before I go. Unorthodox, but you get a sense of the language, place and all, yunno?

The movie I got to watch was "Hello Stranger"
Which was probably a movie a Thai Guy should have watched if he were considering traveling to Korea. Not the best choice for my preparations, nevertheless, he's a brief review.
The movie is about 2 Thai strangers (Yes, D'uh) who meet, or rather bump into each other at Korea. They had both recently semi broken up. So same thing; boy-meets-girl, fight, travel travel together, irritate each other, sentimental conversation at night, not so irritated at each other, like each other, discover feelings for each other (Which was one part that I felt had 4 minutes of very realistic script incorporated there), one or both of exes come back into the scene, confusion of feelings, conflicted loyalties and climax.
Rom Com Rating: 7.5
Highlight: Script

Okay, not one of the best reviews. [ Or you could consider this as a master review of many rom-coms' across the globe! And appreciate my talent ;P] But here's what I learnt about Thailand & Thai ppl from the movie.

  1. They are not as sentimental as Koreans (at least  not this couple)
  2. They or just the hero of the movie have/has a very wacky sense of humour
  3. They're very helpful
  4. Bangkok (The tiny bit that I saw in the movie) Looked like Mumbai :/
  5. They look a lot like Indians (Or just the 2 of them)
Okay, considering it was just one movie, 95% shot at Korea, I didn't have much that contributed to my preparations. It was a nice movie though. Give it a shot sometimes.

Moving on to further preparations

Compiled a lot of data, and made tiny booklets ( 3 of each). Information about the Night Markets, Floating markets, General Thai travel tips and guidelines, maps and the like.
I'm not kidding, I've made mini book lets for each of us. Small enough to fit with our hand bags.

Packing front:
No Progress :/ (Will. Start. Tonight! *Steely Determination!* )

Other Information:
Discovered today morning that my aunt and uncle were going to be traveling with us. Which does not raise my enthusiasm levels greatly. :/.
I mean, I love them a lot and all, but my aunt's sense of fashion and mine are tangential. Considering that 70% of my purpose of this trip is shopping, her presence might or might not affect it's over all enjoyment quotient. I've already got my dad's approval for hanging out by myself, as long as I am safe. Wonder how things will pan out.

General State of mind:
I am strangely not very enthused about the scenery. Maybe because, most of the Thailand I've seen in pictures is about crowded shopping places. And the mumbail-likeness from the movie. But I'm guessing Pattaya will blow my mind off though. No pressure Pattaya, just hopes! But its still not sinking in. Probably because of the last week blues in the job scene, with no idea on what next. And daddy complaining about how I'm never focussed. Sigh. I really hope this trip is fun, and not all worrisome.
It is gonna be before my birthday, so I have the fresh start from 24 deal. That'll ease lots of the pressure. But you know, this time, it's complete fresh start. Even my bank accounts have been wiped clean, for this trip. That was such a depressing thing I tell you! So much so that I almost decided that I will just get a new mobile here, so I can leave that amount back. I didn't do that though. 24 is going to be one helluva fresh start! Only silver lining is that I'll get my final settlement from this organization by the end of May.
Anyway, that's a different matter all together.
This is my first trip abroad, and it IS going to be great! Awesomely great :)

Date: 30th April 2012
Date of departure: 5 May 2012
Count Down: 5 days !


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