1.Sawadee kap:To the Land of Khun!

This is part one of what is going to be a 3 week travel story, preparation, the vacation itself, and the after glow. This is a story I've been waiting a life time to write !
A little bit of rewind (Toing toing toing) So, seeing the world has been a long lasting dream of mine and my mother's. We've never stepped out though. It was always something or the other. It has gone as close as fixing dates, location (UK, Canada, Germany) and almost booking tickets. Well, it always had stopped at almost, until NOW !
Next week, same time, I will be there!
The wonderful land of Thailand :)
Tickets are booked, and my travel bag is out. Lists have been made.Being made. Currency is spoken about. And weeeeeeeeeeee, I'm going !
I guess, I have been destined to start my travels around the globe from South east Asia, fine with me! All the better actually, seeing as how much of an asian movie and drama buff I've been for the past couple of years. Though my collection revolved predominantly around Korean and Japanese, I've been hearing enough references to Thailand! Especially since my friend's favourite band - 2 PM, has a Thai guy who is one of its lead singers. So much so, that we refer to Thailand as Nichkhun-Land, or the land of Khun ;)

Isn't it always so much more fun when you can excite over something, when you have someone to do it with! I'm so glad she's around! Unfortunately, she's not coming along. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll be remembering her all along, considering I might have to kidnap a certain Khunnie for her, if I happen to lay eyes on him ;P (Nichkhun fans out there, don't fret, we promise to share! ) Yeah - fan girl obsessions can't get pretty extreme at times!

Thailand to me, so far is about Shopping, Gizmos, Colourful stuff, awesome food (Being a foodie helps! Phad thai, here I commeeee) Beautiful places, clothes, and did I mention shopping? It's gonna be the best of all the vacation worlds, especially for an amateur like me. Pretty picture perfect places, cheap stuff ( ;) ) and enough colour for me to gape at. I'm especially excited about checking out the floating markets, and the midnight markets. I hear the midnight markets have a weekly schedule to them, so I've gotta look that up. But seriously, how cool is a midnight market! A market that can capture a travelers' fancy, in the alluring imaginative night time!

My bags are going to be packed. The travelers' Thai book is already in place! I shall keep you updated on the preparations :)
Suggestions are always welcome of course.

Off I go now!

Have a an amazing weekend :)

Date: 29th April 2012
Date of departure: 5 May 2012
Count Down: 6 days !