Heaven Up There


My first post in 2012 :D

And before I continue , Need to make special note to the fact that this blog featured in the Newspaper!

Oui my babies, we're famous :D

Okay, dont have much time in hand - So firstly - HAPPEEE New year :D

And I'm here again for one of the few reasons that always have me running here.
Wanna take a guess ?

Rain !!


The rain today looks exactly like how the Blog Template is.
Sudden, wild and brilliant. And I was grinning like the earth just kissed me :D

So we moved into this new office premises, and the roof top has red clay tiles... and the smell of it as rain hits ..omo! Heavenly !
I know if there is a heaven, it rains there a lot, and at least smells like it.
I have tons to tell you and and truck loads happening, and I want to gush out everything right now. But ... I know the year beginning and of course our new found fame need dedicated posts. So I shall refrain - like I refrained from running into the rain coz I had to go back into my office.

Loving 2012.

(The first rain of 2012 was on Jan 1st morning- awesome kick off or what!)

Signing off now,

Still the imaginative realist,
Rain luurrrvvvvver,

Always yours truly,

Someday's dreamer.


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