Chinese ...untangled !

Have you ever played Chinese tangles when you were a kid?
Its a game, when a group of people start of standing in a circle, holding hands. Then, without breaking the links, they tangle themselves between each other. Until what is left is one tightly knit group of people. Since everything is so tangled, one can no more make out which part is who's. You can hardly figure out who is who.
There is another person, who wasn't a pert of this group, who's task is to untangle this group.

Imagine that the un-tangler leaves, or never existed. Then we're left with a bunch of tangled people, stuck to each other. Some happy, some without a clue as to why they are there.

I remember when I first joined, it was more out of an adolescent need to belong, rather than actually belonging.

After all these years of only being a somebody in a group, today, I've finally broken free!

Chuthaa! It feels good :)

Not that I don't like them. But it's more that I don't know them. Apart from one, I don't know any of them, and they don't know me. And we were just forced to be with each other, because of a long ago commitment.

I think now its okay to break free.
They might make a big fuss... or maybe not... who knows..we don't!

But I think its high time I stopped being the scared kid inside, when I'm with them.

I letting go, they can, and of course will stay together, - but they know each other. So it's not a problem.

I'm gonna step out of the tangle and may be if life provides with the opportunities, get to know them individually, or just go on with the happy memories.

They say that it feels worse to be be lonely in a crowd, than to be alone.
It most definitely feels worse to not belong to a group that you're physically part of.
So I'm breaking free :)

I am a one to one person.

It was great getting to know you guys. Some of you, I'll never forget, and always will keep in touch with. Those of you already know that! And in the end, that's all that matters right?

Quoting a dialogue from "Finding Mr. Destiny"





(You probably have to see the movie get that bit)

Maybe we'll get such good closure at some point too... who knows.
For now, it's gonna be an interesting 2 weeks!

Anyong ! :D


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