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Jealous much?

It's midnight...
My writing now has more to do with my brain not working, and very little to do with the stray thoughts that are passing in it anyway.
I caught up with a friend after quite a while today.
She's.... living life. Travelling... decent job... super professional life... happening personal life... constantly changing emotions.
She really is living.
And I?
I'm watching.
I was jealous for all of 3 seconds after 15 minutes of uncontrollable laughter at myself after reviewing both our lives. We both went to all girls schools, same college, same coaching institute, co ed post grad colleges, and we're both working for almost 2 years now.
Theoretically, it looks like almost the same experiences right?
Practically... I went, did all that and got back home. She went, did all that, made truck loads of friends, and more memories.
It's crazy I tell you.
Watching her, I know I could have had a much more happening life.
Neither of us could answer "why" I don&…

Chinese ...untangled !

Have you ever played Chinese tangles when you were a kid?
Its a game, when a group of people start of standing in a circle, holding hands. Then, without breaking the links, they tangle themselves between each other. Until what is left is one tightly knit group of people. Since everything is so tangled, one can no more make out which part is who's. You can hardly figure out who is who.
There is another person, who wasn't a pert of this group, who's task is to untangle this group.

Imagine that the un-tangler leaves, or never existed. Then we're left with a bunch of tangled people, stuck to each other. Some happy, some without a clue as to why they are there.

I remember when I first joined, it was more out of an adolescent need to belong, rather than actually belonging.

After all these years of only being a somebody in a group, today, I've finally broken free!

Chuthaa! It feels good :)

Not that I don't like them. But it's more that I don't know them. Apart…

One cuppa cold chocolate

Do you know those days when everything falls exactly into place?

When I found the blog template that finally appeals to me again.
When I wake up with a smile on my face
When the biggest concern is "To shop or not to shop"

When the cold chocolate is just chocolatey enough

Today is one of those days.

Its been exactly 3 weeks since the new year begun, and I've already gone through bumps and cruises in both my career and life at home. Everything I want to come here I and cry or jump with happiness, it just didnt happen.

But now, here I am again, with my cold chocolate a hands reach away.

I was watching the movie Super 8 yesterday, Spielberg hasn't done that great a job. But there was this one dialogue that got me thinking. Joe says, when she was there (his mom) "She used to look at me... like really I existed"
Thats exactly the feeling I've been trying to explain for the past few years. Be it the bubble or the forest. The feeling that no one, af…

Heaven Up There


My first post in 2012 :D

And before I continue , Need to make special note to the fact that this blog featured in the Newspaper!

Oui my babies, we're famous :D

Okay, dont have much time in hand - So firstly - HAPPEEE New year :D

And I'm here again for one of the few reasons that always have me running here.
Wanna take a guess ?

Rain !!


The rain today looks exactly like how the Blog Template is.
Sudden, wild and brilliant. And I was grinning like the earth just kissed me :D

So we moved into this new office premises, and the roof top has red clay tiles... and the smell of it as rain hits ..omo! Heavenly !
I know if there is a heaven, it rains there a lot, and at least smells like it.
I have tons to tell you and and truck loads happening, and I want to gush out everything right now. But ... I know the year beginning and of course our new found fame need dedicated posts. So I shall refrain - like I refrained from running into the rain coz I had to go back into …