Swing in the rain

I went on a mini vacation a short while ago. A time off, towards a place that had rain.
My aunt's place.

Apart from the fact that they have a beeuutttiifffuuulll home, my aunt- whom I can really talk to, 2 lovely kids who love me ;), one of the main reasons I love going over is because they have a Balcony which is semi covered with a thatched roof, and surrounded by plants. It commands a lovely view of a eucalyptus trees swaying like curtains in front of a wide open field.

Do you have a happy place in your mind?

A place where you imagine yourself just quietly sitting, a reading a book maybe?

I have a few, the big leaved tree at school that overlooks the play area - when I'm drawing or reading a book, the beach, where I'm singing or writing in my net book, driving in a car - top speed, high way, music blaring... or sitting on a swing, and many more.

So this time, when I went to my aunt's place, I was ultra delighted as they had a new swing installed in that balcony! Imagine my delight :D
Even though I couldn't sit out there on the first day, I fantasized about sitting there the next day (Yes, these are the kind of things I fantasize about.), reading my book, and watching/ smelling the eucalyptus sway in the rain.
The next day came, I was free, I got my book out and got all set to go and read, swinging along while listening to the rain. What I hadn't factored in was the presence of 2 kids home. I thought they would quietly study in their study time. I guess I've been a grown up way too long, because I clearly should have known better. I hadn't been there 3 seconds before I heard 2 sets of feet running up the stairs screaming my name, with "Where are you?!?!?"s like I had disappeared. Well, aged 7 and 11, I should have known :)
The book was kept aside, music played instead.
And there was one little boy with a head firmly lodged on my lap, making himself comfortable, and a little girl, sitting in front of my, explaining a mile a minute about the Arabic princess who was getting kidnapped in the 'super' green car.
It was soooo NOT quiet. If there was a thing called anti quiet, this was it! They were screaming, shouting and moving way too fast. But it was peaceful, and we laughed so much! I was hugged a million times, and my attention was wanted and I felt precious. A swing in the rain, with a book might feel perfectly peaceful in our heads, but a swing in the rain, with 2 kids is much more perfectly perfect. I never expected to love it so :)

Next time, when I'm in my peaceful place, in my head - I might just have a 7 year old boy lying on my lap and trying to get the swing moving in crazy directions with his legs, and I'll not have a smile on my face. Just a grin.

Swing in the rain :)


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