It's Raining !!! :D

That's the text I sent out to half a dozen of my friends at 5: 30 AM, this morning.
It's raining again after almost a 2 week dry spell this monsoon. It couldn't have come at a better time!

Yesterday was a bad day at work.
I am still proud of the fact that I didn't break into tears right in the middle of the meeting.
The fact that I am proud of such a thing, probably doesn't say much about my maturity. No matter what my friends say, as far as the professional world is concerned, I am as immature as the day I first stepped into MBA, and blinked at people as they spoke about OPM.

As I look through my back door, there, just beyond the grill is a sprig of green leaves - a beautiful, fresh, washed out green which only rain can bring, bent a bit over- again because of the rain! Against the white wall of the house behind mine. It looks almost picture perfect. Makes me wish everything in life was that beautiful, and straight forward.

Too simplistic?
I guess... But sometimes, I just wish it were.

Then again, I'm happy that no matter how hard or crazy life seems, a small (or big) shower of rain can bring a smile to my face again.
So much so, that today morning, after a turbulent work-dreamy night, I woke up to the sound of rain.
I was so excited, I wanted to run out, and say
"I have struggled in vain, but I can contain myself no longer. I need to tell you how ardently I admire and love you"
So much for water falling from the heavens, you ask? Well .. ;)

Hoping you find your happy thing too !

Happy rainy day :)


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