Drive in the rain

One of the things I've always wanted to do was go for a long drive, music blaring, along the coast, in the rain.
Now that I've done it, I know I'm always going to keep wanting to every time it rains!
It was one of the best days of 2011. I know I've had a few good ones and few bad ones this year, but I'm pretty sure that day will make it to the top 10 good ones, if someone's keeping track!

Just for the sake of memory; Date: 29th October, 2011.

It all started, like many good things do, one rainy day. There was thunder, there was lightning, every element which mother nature uses to express herself in, in all of its glory. We got talking or chatting online... when I said I wish I were at the beach. One thing led to another, and before we knew it an offer to drive to the near by coastal attraction was made and accepted with complete glee. A date was fixed. Plan sealed XD

I'm a very insecure person. When the day arrived and I had received no call or text confirming the drive, I was certain that it was going to be cancelled. But, when the rain came down, I knew I had to at least try! I sent a tentative text, and got a reply that dismissed all my doubts, with the time of departure. I know it probably had nothing to do with the rest of the day, or actually leaving.
But when I'm in doubt, especially when I suspect a possible rejection, my first reaction, almost instinctively is to reject first and run. That's probably what I would have done, had it not rained that morning.
So you see, small act of faith was a big step for me :P

With all of Lady luck favouring us, we set off. The route that we took was  the more round about one, which meets the coast a little later than the other route. I must admit I was more than just a tad bit disappointed in the beginning. I was nevertheless determined to be happy- long time dream coming true na! And boy am I glad that we went that way!!!

That's when the rain started :)

The road wasn't the best, but it was one of those tree-y roads, yunno? With big trees forming an arch way all along the way. That road ended in another road which was pretty with bright yellow flowers along the center and foresty growth on either side. It felt like it was right out of some Enid Blyton novel! I was all but jumping. The specially bright green, and that pleasant chill which only a consistent slight drizzle can create.

The music was pleasant, though my constantly changing the song within 8 seconds of it starting might have tested the patience of even a saint :P

The road suddenly cleared, and we were surrounded on both sides by the wide expanse of a lake. I felt like Anne of green gables, stepping into my backyard - of the house of dreams. It was beauutiful !
Buildings were so far away, and so tiny, like they belonged to a different world, the same world I had left my worries in.

That road, driving on it, at one point having my hand out in the drizzle and letting the cool wind blow on my face... the highway with the squiggles, the green arch way, the forest path, the lake road ... that one long stretch, was one of those places that could make one truely happy. Just plain keep-grinnin kinda happy. Not thoughtful, not just content, but ":D" happy. I loved it !

Soon, the road came to an end with us joining the coastal road. I regretted leaving the road that I had initially regretted taking, like life's many ironies. Glad I got to witness it on that day in all of its glory though :)

Getting back on the familiar coastal road was like coming to a home away from home. I almost know it by heart. And just when I was getting all smug about being on "my turf", we turned into - Tiger's Cave. One of those places that I've always crossed, but never been to. It was truly a discover. You could say there wasn't much there, but there was enough for me. An old abandoned rock temple project, 2 stones that were oddly placed, lush lawns, trees and a beautiful drizzle that can make a crowded street feel like a movie scene!

The place was really beautiful though :) One of those tucked away wonders. It had a small entry to the beach, and I obviously wanted to go!

A few shells and a Kulfi later, we set off again.
This time, focus on the Final Destination: Mahabs!

The drive to mahabs after the break went much faster and smoother.
My request for lunch was shot down with an "after the shore temple! Its not raining now, so we should go"

We stepped out, 3 steps, and drizzle became a gentle rain...10 steps... rain became a shower.
"Maybe we should get an umberella..?" my friend asked tentatively.
Which I obviously shot down with a "Hell no, isn't this what you wanted ?!" Impish grin spread all over my face. Even so, we dashed for cover in a small curios shop. The nice lady there gave us a plastic cover to place cell phones and cameras in. Once I knew that was secure, my attention ...or rather my distraction was randomly refocusing.Bang opposite to us were a couple of gypsies, holding umbrellas, but their wares - glass beads, left out in the rain.
I'm not sure I will ever find the right words to describe the feeling and the beauty associated with looking at colourful glass beads displayed in the rain. And the ecstacy that accompanied running across the street in the pouring rain to check them out. May be it was my cheery poncho, maybe it was just the absolute happy smile on my face - everyone seemed to have a smile for me.
I shopped, my sweet friend paid :P
Provided I wore my gypsy-y beads. I obliged happily!

The and a half hours that followed will forever in my memory be one of the most peaceful times I've ever spent. The shore temple, which I had last visited when I was about 10 years old, was just what the name said - a stone temple along the sea shore.
What adds to its charm is that it is an unfinished temple.
The builder, the king who beckoned the temple to be built had a fight half way through and all construction was stopped. Rumour has it that the builder ran away with the king's daughter - the princess of the land.
The temple has been well preserved across the centuries, and is as..if not more beautiful today as the day it was built.
 (My Light house obsession)

There is a word in Tamil called 'Saaral'.
Saaral refers to a mild spray ... a kind of rain. Which is lighter than a drizzle. Where each drop is miniscule and sweetly cold as it falls on our faces.
There was a lovely saaral though out our time there.
That place had some beautiful memories. Memories I have from photographs. A picture, where my sister looks absolutely adorable sitting on a stone cow, and grinning ear to ear was from there. I realized that when we saw it there, and that made me all the more happier.

My friend was forced to conquer a slight fear of heights, and join me in sitting atop another one of the many stone cows surrounded the temple. We looked at people, watched water falling from a higher surface to a lower one, stared at the ocean, smiled at the kids playing at a distance.
everything was so peaceful in my heart right then.

We left happily. Satiated with the peacefulness.
Towards food!

A longer ride, and a little bit of desperation (for food of course) from my end ensued.
Funnily enough, with my desperation, the intensity of the rain increased.
Making me feel like the rain queen :P

Amazing lunch with invigorating conversation followed.
Yummm native food :)
The ride back was quiet. The comfortable quiet, with music :)

 It continued to drizzle on and off for the rest of the journey :)


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