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Drive in the rain

One of the things I've always wanted to do was go for a long drive, music blaring, along the coast, in the rain.
Now that I've done it, I know I'm always going to keep wanting to every time it rains!
It was one of the best days of 2011. I know I've had a few good ones and few bad ones this year, but I'm pretty sure that day will make it to the top 10 good ones, if someone's keeping track!

Just for the sake of memory; Date: 29th October, 2011.

It all started, like many good things do, one rainy day. There was thunder, there was lightning, every element which mother nature uses to express herself in, in all of its glory. We got talking or chatting online... when I said I wish I were at the beach. One thing led to another, and before we knew it an offer to drive to the near by coastal attraction was made and accepted with complete glee. A date was fixed. Plan sealed XD

I'm a very insecure person. When the day arrived and I had received no call or text confirming th…

Fade away

Sing me to sleep
I am tired
I want to go to bed
And sleep a dreamless sleep ....

For an hour
For a day
Maybe more
May I fade away?

People ask me questions,
I stare
I really don't know answers
I'm sorry

For an hour
For a day
Maybe more
May I fade away?

People tell me things
I politely look interested

Glad I don't have to process anything

Do I want to cry?
Do I feel sad?
Do I want to be happy again?

Do I just want to sleep?
I don't know...
Just don't.

If you leave me alone,
And walk away
I will stay as quiet as I am
In the same place
Move not a muscle
No smile on my face

Will I fade away?
May I fade away?
And disappear all together...

Ones that ought to be made
Ones that were made already
Ones that are being made
Feel heavy in my head

For an hour
For a day
Maybe more
May I fade away?

People smile
I smile back,
Because I know I should
But the smile fades away faster than a bubble breaking
There was nothing in it

There are things I have to do
There ar…

It's Raining !!! :D

That's the text I sent out to half a dozen of my friends at 5: 30 AM, this morning.
It's raining again after almost a 2 week dry spell this monsoon. It couldn't have come at a better time!

Yesterday was a bad day at work.
I am still proud of the fact that I didn't break into tears right in the middle of the meeting.
The fact that I am proud of such a thing, probably doesn't say much about my maturity. No matter what my friends say, as far as the professional world is concerned, I am as immature as the day I first stepped into MBA, and blinked at people as they spoke about OPM.

As I look through my back door, there, just beyond the grill is a sprig of green leaves - a beautiful, fresh, washed out green which only rain can bring, bent a bit over- again because of the rain! Against the white wall of the house behind mine. It looks almost picture perfect. Makes me wish everything in life was that beautiful, and straight forward.

Too simplistic?
I guess... But sometimes…

Wails of a wind flower

Every season comes to an end
Yet she knows she'll bloom again
Bloom... Send fragrances across the land
Simple happiness
Then the wilting begins
Sometimes slowly
Many times abruptly
Painful all the time
She wishes she never bloomed
Why, to wilt so brown?
True, the wind felt good
True, swaying merrily felt like it was worth it
But every season seems to end
Sometime or the other
With or without a closure
The need to go underneath and hide there
Engulfs her
As she goes about doing something or the other
Knowing full well that no one will notice her
Poor wilting, wailing wind flower.

Swing in the rain

I went on a mini vacation a short while ago. A time off, towards a place that had rain.
My aunt's place.

Apart from the fact that they have a beeuutttiifffuuulll home, my aunt- whom I can really talk to, 2 lovely kids who love me ;), one of the main reasons I love going over is because they have a Balcony which is semi covered with a thatched roof, and surrounded by plants. It commands a lovely view of a eucalyptus trees swaying like curtains in front of a wide open field.

Do you have a happy place in your mind?

A place where you imagine yourself just quietly sitting, a reading a book maybe?

I have a few, the big leaved tree at school that overlooks the play area - when I'm drawing or reading a book, the beach, where I'm singing or writing in my net book, driving in a car - top speed, high way, music blaring... or sitting on a swing, and many more.

So this time, when I went to my aunt's place, I was ultra delighted as they had a new swing installed in that balcony! Ima…