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An Ode To The Rain That Lost Its Way

Somewhere, at this moment, a storm is brewing. And there kneels a little girl, on a couch, her face pressed eagerly on the glass window. She looks up at the overcast skies, which might break open any moment now. Lightning and thunder rock the skies. She smiles as the first drop falls. She watches as the rain falls free. The smile slowly turning into a grin, as a whiff of the rain scent reaches her. I wish I were next to her right now, helping her open the window just a crack, as we let the rain fall on our finger tips.

Na honjadugo Kaji maa

One dinner conversation ...
New habits, and the forced end of them visible in the near future.
Upcoming change, and the accompanying uncertainty
E mail conversations that seem to be getting nowhere
The lack of it
Something I want to be, the same thing I cannot be
Conversations with old friends... so different from before
The lack of it

A old feeling resurfacing
Too familiar for comfort
Easier to recognize
Harder to fight now

I defy it nevertheless

How long will I fight it?
How long will I have to fight it?

I did something stupid
Facing consequences
The mask I had is cracking
But no one can even see than mask

Far far away
Running on and on
Closed eyes
Red fields
Seat hidden in green, high above, among the clouds

I fight that bad feeling
I make myself get out and stay out of it
It's found new ways to find me too

Should I just give in?

No wait,
Giving in is not an option anymore.
For the same reasons the feeling creeps up in the first place

The fear
The symptoms

How do you know

Dear everyone,

How have you been?
Is it raining where you are?

I watched a movie yesterday, 'How do you know' (Yup, that's the name of the movie) ... I think it is supposed to be about - How do you know if you're in love. The movie itself felt like a trailer to another movie with a stronger story line.
But the question is an interesting one don't you think?

How do you know you're in love with someone...


I heard this somewhere...

You know you're in love with a certain someone if you think about that person first, the minute something really good or really bad happens. You want them to be the first ones you share your happiness or sadness with.
Pretty simple, straight forward, sure fire indicator na!

Next time you have a doubt, just check if these 2 aspects fit.

Honourable mention to the WHOOOAAAA climate, the darkening clouds, the wind that's picking up, and lightning and thunder that are playing hide and seek with me. And best of all, the rain that m…

Symphonies of life

My last few days, when I think back, feels like one of those music videos where the lead actress is cycling along, hits a bump, waves merrily at someone she randomly knows, parks her bike outside a coffee shop, goes in with a book, hits a table, orders something sinfully casually yum -like a chocolate shake, then drops all her coins when trying to pay, finishes the book finally, bumps into a waiter by mistake, but no major hazard, and then off she goes... smile on her face.

Monday started the week with a jam packed schedule.More than jam packed, I was on my feet a LOT. So many meetings, excel sheets, floor plans, numbers. I had so much fun! At the end of each day (Monday and Tuesday) I never noticed time flying, and I was already at the end. I didn't realize how, but I was drained, yet overflowing with ideas. The climate is perfect, drizzly.
The background music in my head is great.

On Monday we went to our new office premises, to check it out. Came back and made floor plans on Ex…

Maritime Foundations - Sept 30, 2011

Demo Ship
 Flying high

 Knots and Crosses
 Tiny model ships
 Ship ...things
 Pulleys, gongs and bells
 Dead man hanging
I'm Popeye the sailor man!
 Dolly being rescued
 Ding dong bell
 Boat ahoy!


Classes, Cultures and Cats - Weekend edition

I'm a part time student. I'm trying to get my degree in Psychology. Part timing is not the most effective way, but it's fun. I've registered with a friend, so its like good ol' days, where we passed notes in class. Last week, my friend couldn't make it, but luckily a colleague of mine from Netherlands wanted to see what classes here were like. One of the main reasons I decided to do my second masters in psychology was because I wanted to further specialize in Cross Cultural management and relationships.

So off we went to class. I was a bit late, he was a lot early... says something about cultures? Hmm...
My first hour got cancelled, and we ended up joining a similar session with another batch of students. It happened to be math.
There was a point in my life when I loved solving math. A time, when I was one of those geeky kids who used to raise their hands and go "pick me pick me pick me" when the prof was looking for someone to do the sum on the black…

One Saturday

Getting nagged to get married .... that has been happening for a while
Got myself a gorgeous black saree... been wanting one of those for aaaaagggeeess !
Chocolate cookies dipped in cold milk... I've read about this for as long as I remember, but hadn't tried it till yesterday. Now I know what all the hype was about, and lemme tell ya, totally worth it !!! Yummmmm !
Went for a long walk ... after a long time. Missed those :)

Just one of those nice Saturdays :)