Tiny Little Things

I'm not fond of the cold. Air conditioning at 30 degrees has me shivering at office.
My team mate, with whom I share a cabin, is one of those characters who wonders if the temperature can be further reduced from 16 (the lowest). Nevertheless, he's always sweet enough to let the temperature remain at 30 degrees.
Still, I grab the opportunity, every time he steps out, to quickly turn off the AC.
And make sure I switch it on when he gets back.

Its for this reason that we take breaks at different times. So he can have the temp. at 16 when I'm not there, and I can be happy with AC turned off when he's not there.

There are those rare rare moments, when I come back from a break to find the AC switched off.
Times when he probably forgot to turn it on. It makes so happy to enter the cabin when it's so nice and perfect. Lingering cold, with no freeze factor.

When this happens, I quietly, almost reverently tip toe to my seat.
From then on, I move slowly. Careful not to alert him to the AC turned off.
Type softer. Click as quiet as electronically possible. Make no sudden movements.
It's like a mini mission: "Mission AC staying turned off".
People passing by would probably be wondering why is this girl moving so cautiously :P

It's super fun actually. Every passing moment seems like a victory strengthened.
And a little temperature fairy doing a jive inside my head.

The Air Conditioner is turned off now, and I am typing very slowly!

Tiny little things that make life more fun and adventurous ;)


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