Ten Thousand Fireflies ^.^

Ok, I'm all happy happy now.
And yup slightly jobless too.

I just wanna go fill some place with happy.
Or may be just .. balloons, petals, flowers, streamers, confetti... anything that spells happy.

So I thought I'll come here and list a few things that absolutely thrill me :D

1. Kiddy pools.
    I LOVE water. I probably was a water animal last birth. But I dunno how to swim :P So kiddy pools , wave pools water falls pool, shallow ponds, lakes and streams have me grinning like a 5 year old with too much candy.

2. Chocolate
    Dark chocolate, slightly melted, licked off the wrapper.
Snickers. You've heard of rose tinted glasses? These bars of heaven are mine. Aaahhhh... the bliss within each crunchy bite :D

3. Chocolate ice cream
    With crushed nuts, chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce. Forget the world, just eat dark choc ice cream. Ferrero Rocher flavoured to make it all the better.

4. Drizzle
    Rain, lightning and Thunder. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!

5. Stationery shopping
    New notebooks. Hand made paper. Pristine white paper. Black ruled sheets. Ruled sheets. Drawing notebooks. Scrap books. Pencils. Pens. Picking each after going through a 100. Especially these days, when I find a rare occasion that I can actually buy one of those with no guilt. Knowing I'm going to use it and why.

6. Singing on the top of my voice.
7. Speeding on the highway, music blaring
8. Saturday morning - Followed by jam packed laughter filled weekends.
9. Being tucked into bed. Someone covering me up in the morning, when its not time to wake up yet.
10. Tight hugs :)


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