Stand in the rain

When there's no shoulder to cry on
When there are no arms to fly into

When something ...sometimes everything
Doesn't make any sense

When your head feels too heavy
For your own shoulders

When you don't know
Which direction to take take
Or.... just don't know.

When the next breath
Seems like a big chore

When you don't know
If not crying is because
There is no pain
or because,
you've not let yourself feel it.

When everyone seems to know
Where they are going
Why, when and for whom
And you have not a clue
None whatsoever

Except maybe a distant dream
A dream so distant
That you're not sure
If it's an ooollllldddd dream
or a dream for the distant future

When you're just laughing at yourself
And tears are flowing down anyway

Stand in the rain
Close your eyes
Let your tears drain
Momentarily severe ties

Stand in the rain
Close your eyes
You're anywhere you want to be
With anyone you want to see
You're never alone in the rain
You're surrounded by a million drops
Ready to cover up for your every sigh
Every tear
Every scream
Every lost dream

Stand in the rain
Just truth detain

Stand in the rain
Forget the pain

Stand in the rain
As peace re-reigns...

Stand in the rain
As time flies
Till you smile again
And sadness dies

Stand in the rain ...
Just stand in the rain.


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