A month of discoveries and reconciliation.
I know I'm only half way through the month. But I made a lot of progress retrospection and introspection wise.

Very happy with myself :)

I even texted and emailed a few people I hadn't kept in touch with.
OK, 2 people. 
Still, big step for me ok !

Fireflies, the song is running through my head :)

At work, everything is goin haywire. Most around me look worried about whats going to happen. But I'm fine. Inner emotional state not bothered by such a big shake in stability. I've got back up plans. Again. 
My 9 months of hermit living, with no aim, no back up plans, no dreams and goals are slowly wrapping up.
I think by the end of 2011, I might have gone through a full round of mid life (early onset) crisis and self discovery.

Even if I don't, I'm just happy that I'm finally facing up to what I was denying ;)
(Told you so moment for many out there? ;) )
So now, I gotta go re build a few bridges I left abandoned and ponder over a few others.
I've also got to sort through my dreams and arrange them in outdated, expired, still usable, to be dreamt in more detail - folders.

All together, September as a month is how I am even physically right now; Queasy, uncomfortable, dizzy in bouts and mostly...weirdly high on air!

Adios ! ^.^

P.S.: I love y'all !! and hugs :D


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