Piggy Back ride :)

Do you remember when we were kids, and tiny?
We got rides off all kids of things, trolleys, push carts, boxes! and the best of the lot, piggy backs of our parents and grandparents. It looks cute, and I'm sure awesome fun!
Somehow (I wonder if I'm getting too old!) I don't remember those days too well. Just very vague flashes.

You know how everyone has this perfect-romantic-moment-dream? Mine's been walking hand in hand along the beach, pants folded up, and then being swept away, literally.
Lately, there's been another. (Yes, I admit it, it's thanks to the many Korean dramas I've been watching) Its to be carried piggy back. This is not so much for the romance like the other. A piggy back ride, to me, is something that depicts how much someone cares. To actually carry !! :)

The last time I was offered one, I declined, because I was way too sleepy. (And regretted it for a very long time :P )

Today, For the first time (in my memory) I got a piggy back ride :D
(remembers, jumps about doing a little yaayy dance!)
Guess who gave it to me?
Did you?
Nope, not my dad!
It was my tiny little sister !!!
She's tiny, as in, not just 6 yrs younger than me tiny, but size 0, petite tiny !
And she gave me the piggy back ride :D

Ok, we've got a bit of flash back to cover.
Me and my sis had a bit of a tiff a couple of weeks back, and we entered a cold war. The ice had started thawing only a few days back. With bouts and spurts of talking, followed by silences. (Yeah, the argument was kinda serious) So today, my dad, sis and I went for a nice yum Italian dinner, and then we headed off to the beach. It was like life long friends catching up after a fight, where your trying to fill each other in on everything that happened in between. Which, it was exactly.

Though she objected in the beginning, saying she had assignments, my sister to the bone, she lost herself to the sea. Today's trip was really REALLY awesome !!!

For about half hour, we just lay on the sand and star gazed. She was the first, so she got a hankie for her hair. I lay on her stomach and my dad on my leg. Happy triangle, star gazers.
We found santa's sleigh, a helicopter, small dog, big dog, piggy, and of course the 'bunnnyyyyy' who's ear sadly disappeared too fast.
Frog dissection was discussed in detail. Football positions... (Both me and my sister being football players, and my dad a hockey player)
Beach "sundal" was passed around carefully and after we'd bitten quite a few chilies, we finally got up.

It started with me offering her a piggy back ride, because honestly, I wanted to see if I could do it.
After a bit of starting trouble, she was on and we were off :D
It's actually much easier than I expected !!! and a lootttaaa fun.
Once we'd walked quite a bit, she got off and offered to give me a ride. Ok, Ok... I coaxed her into giving me one. But I backed off like a good sister, knowing I was 10 pounds heavier ;)
She, all riled up by then, insisted, and we tried.

First I thought it would be impossible. Then she managed a super wobly 4 steps. And I quickly gt off, afraid I'd break her. She came up with a strategy, and soon, we were walking ...or she was piggy backing me! It was AWESOME !! *Chincha daebak!*
She managed it sooooo coolly!
The next 20 mins saw a little girl and a big girl alternatively giving piggy back rides to each other along the water.
We laughed and laughed. Even fell over, of backward a few times. Tried jumping, and every piggy back trick possible :D And laughed and laughed !

Absolute fun :D

I'm pretty sure I'll try this again, when my hands starts functioning again  :P
The football player is all strong and happy and fine :)

I've always wanted a piggy back ride, and turning down that offer on the beach long ago in April, I thought I'll never get a chance for a piggy back ride again. (I actually was scared my friend would never be able to pick me up or drop me because of how heavy I am) But with my sister, I never had the embarrassment factor. I'm quite sure, that in all the diff people I had a imagined a piggy back ride with (list rampant with celebrity crushes :P ) I never once thought it would be my tiny little sister who finally fulfilled that wish!
Kinda awesome in a way. I've got her back and she's got mine :D

Among the many things in this world that I'm happy and thankful for at this moment, My sister tops the list.

I think... hope, now that I know how it works, that someone else (someone special ;) ) will give me a piggy back ride one day. But I am very very glad, my first piggy back memory is with my sister :D