Kimchi Smile :)

"Don't I know you from somewhere?"
Probably the cheesiest first liner right?
That was the first thing we said to each other.
I can remember it like yesterday,
It feels like light years ago.

So much has passed in between
So much we've grown

Long long ago,
Back in those days,
When we were still new to each other,
Probably the first week
I was sitting next to her,
And she was at the edge of her seat
Wishing desperately, that she was along the beach
Stopping someone from jumping into the sea.
Well, you can imagine what my first impression was
It was plain: 0.o !!!!!!!!!

Then we got to know each other a bit better
The next thing I remember about her is Tang.
There's always tang when I go to her place.
Funny thing to remember right?

The 2 years in between
When I was away
We kept touch in sporadically
One would expect a little rift
But it was was weird
It wasn't that distance made the heart fonder
It was the bridges we built that made us closer.

She forces me, and drags me to doctors (not an easy thing I tell you)
Yet, she's the one I call when I feel unwell.
She can scare the hell out of me.
When I'm down, and don't wanna talk, I can go and listen to music with her.
We dress up. We're girly girls. We're badass. 
Every time you ask her "How are you?" I get a super cheery "I'm fine! How you?"
I'll know she isn't, it used to bug me before, now I know she'll talk when she's ready.
She's the one who succeeded in converting my almost all black wardrobe to the now colourful one.
We write... with our own styles.
We deal with life... in our own ways
Our priorities... quite different. Except for maybe: Family first.
Our sense of humor... quite similar
Our tastes ... first strikes as very different, but we end up rating the same. (Doesn't make sense unless you experience it :)
She's the one who looked at my orange shoes and went "oh so cute!"
She knows when I like someone, before I do. (It's super creepy I tell you)
We're so alike, and we're so different ... like 2 sides of a coin. In perfect harmony.
We've never gone through the same bad phase at the same time, but it has never hampered with our empathy for each other.

We all have a whole bunch of friends
A variety of them
To each of our friends, we are different
Our interactions our different

Some you meet and laugh about every silly thing
Some you can talk to 10 times a day, and still have something left to talk about
Some you can call and say "I'm crashing at your place tonight"
Some you can stay out of touch for months and years, 
         call back and talk like you've never been apart
Some who have exact taste in music as you
Some who get your movie comments and jokes
Some you can go shopping with
Some you can go on long lazy walks with
Some you can discuss your crushes with
Some you can discuss your hobbies with
Some you have looooong philosophical discussions with

Few you can cry to
Few you dream with
Few you can comfortably sleep talk with
Few you can tell your deepest darkest secrets to
Few you can read your random poetry to
Few you can have hour long conversations with, covering topics with a range that most universities wouldn't be able to! 
Few, you think about when something absolutely ridiculous happens, and you know only they'll appreciate the humour in that situation.

Very few you can share your paranoia with,AND be understood.

And a precious few who can accept you completely.
(Except maybe when you're wearing washed out brown :P )

We all have acquaintances, friends, good friends, best friends and soul mates.
I know we might have felt all this towards different people at different points of time.
Some for longer. Some shorter.

Do you know the feeling when you're in a party and you know absolutely no one?
To the extent that you wonder if you came to the wrong one...
You make small talk. You smile.
But you feel all alone, and wonder what on earth you're upto over there.
Then someone enters
and waves at you from all the way across the hall, trying to catch your attention.
You look, a smile spreads across your face.
You weave your way through
and it feels like you belong in the party now.
You're in the right place after all.

[Kimchi smile for every moment when you remember someone randomly, and just that memory makes you smile. Smile a kimchi smile, that leaves a residue smile on your face as you go about the rest of your day. Just like the comfortable taste Kimchi leaves behind.

Kimchi cheers :)]


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