The Promenade - III

Chapter 5
Funnestness !!!

I loved it ! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!!!!
The next 45 mins were probably the BEST of 2011!!

To explain why, I gotta give you a mental idea about the place.
The Promenade hotel is a 5 star boutique hotel. It is gorgeous from all angles. Every direction you look is literally picture perfect! It had the quaint Italian cafe feel on one side, sophisticated french restaurant inside, breezy sun umberrella-d feel on the other. A midst this was a small cosy pool, that was situated on a lower level. Stone stars led to the pool, surrounded by flowering trees and beach chairs.

Being 2 young women with a camera, and unlimited access to all the prettiness, oh boy did we go crazy!

It was like a half hour photo shoot for each of us.

I can't describe how or why I loved that place so much. SO much I wanted to just stay there forever. I never stopped smiling once when I was there. I was soooo happpeeee !!! Apparently in true love, you can never quite put your finger on a particular thing that makes you love so :P

The kiddy pool was all of 1 feet deep, and water lover that I am, immediately walked right it. There were pillars separating the kiddy pool from the deeper pool.
The beach chairs, under the flowering trees were perfect.
The ornamental pots - well I'd never have guessed that pots can be used to well!
The pool was big enough, but small and the combination of stone and water was waaaayyyy to heady for me!
Even my friend couldn't understand why I loved that place so much! :P
I was jumping, skipping and laughing all the while. It was bliss !!! It was excitement. It was a pure high :D

Bah, just thinking about it makes me smile a mile wide and miss it!

The only think I didn't do, was dance inside. I dunno how to swim, and falling in would have been slightly anti climax.;)

We left at 4.30 pm.
I realize now, that when I left I was happy.
I guess that place made me SO happy, that I couldn't be anything but for a while after. Knowing I had a great time and awesome memories to carry from there forever.

Now that it has been 2 days since the funnestness, I'm starting to wonder and slightly worry if I would forget how the spectacular range of positive emotions during those 2.5 hours felt. But, I hope, if not remember the feeling, my life has adequate moments where I feel so close to euphoric, that its easier to deal with the rest ;)
(Sounds dramatic, I know, but I wish you feel it too, so you know too!)

We left happily for the beach walk and souvenir shopping :)