The Promenade - II

Chapter 4

The Promenade Hotel

This hotel was along the beach side, a little further down from the cafe. First sight, if I had to use one word to describe it, I'd say it looked calm.
Since it was 2.45 pm by the time we reached there, there weren't too many people there. We two exhausted travelers flopped onto a nice comfortable sea facing sofa.

You know what they say about overall dining experience? This was it!

The food was not french :P It was not my definition of yum looking. We didn't even order dessert because it was too late. But it was delicious. I had spaghetti with basil, olive and something else. Olive turned out to be olive oil, and the basil was ground, making my spaghetti look greeeen. And I can be plenty skeptical and picky about food, and I'm vouching for it. It was yum, filling, without making one feel stuffed.

You know, though I live in a sea side city, I've never had a sea facing meal! I was surprised at this discovery. Especially since the effect is so peaceful!

That day, that morning, during long coastal journey, there were plenty of times when I thought to myself "This feeling right now, being surrounded by all this beauty, and feeling this content was enough for me. Even if the food sucked, or pondy is nothing as I expected, that journey, and those careless, weightless conversations were enough to make this trip perfect."

So every new nice aspect added to the perfection so wonderfully.

Before our meal could come, when we were nibbling on our starters, we were blissful.
Completely, absolutely,.. peaceful, calm, and blissful.
Not happy, you can be happy and sad at the same time. But this was more. And all positive.
It probably sounds hyped up. If I were reading this in some blog, I'd think the writer just has an overactive imagination and ability to sugar coat. But no... it was calming.

My job. Her career identity. Our futures. Relationship issues. All of it...none of it mattered then.At that moment, life as it was, wasn't perfect. Life didn't have to be perfect. Everything didn't have to be smooth. Issues didn't need to magically resolve themselves. Perfect jobs/ boy friends didn't have to appear out of no where. Childhood issues didn't need to be resolved.

For that one and a half hours, everything was perfect just the way it is. And we were content, completely content.