Crushed crush

My blog's readers probably noticed that I leave my blog unattended when life is all happy happy.
Initially I used to feel guilty, but I guess, my blog knows that every time I'm blissfully happy, I write a blog post in my head, but am so happily living in the moment, that I never get around to penning it down here.
Since that's a part of Imaginative Realist, my blog's fine with me. And we're happy children.

Now am back here, and yup life ain't so great at THIS moment.
Despite the ball room dancing (*mini Darcy dream*) session that's gonna happen tonight.

Why am I so sad? My crush, whom I shall not name, of the better part of the past year is dating someone now.
I found out from a friend today. I was in a meeting, so I'd left my phone unattended, and the little message box waiting for me. I open it, read it twice, and I could feel the aura around me go from sunshiney and sparkly (like earlier today) to dark ...gloomy... eye shodaowy... black. Inky black.
Like so :

Anyway ...their happily dating. Apparently not yet in love.
Yup, that's supposed to my consolation now ! Eeesh.

I shall NOT obsess any more over the bird that flew away.

Damn, silly dream indicators !!!

From above, only thing I can infer is: I NEED A LIFE !!!!

One part of my heart (that might need mending) will always be kept aside for you. Sniff.

I'm gonna be the cool person that I am, wish them happy (with a tinge of regret of course) and walk away (figuratively)


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