10 Random Things

1.     I'm a lyrics girl

2.     My prof said girls always succeed when the propose

3.     I feel hope is too over rated.

4.     After a fight, it takes a while to start missing the person, but sometimes, that time also tends to have you getting used to life without that person.

5.     I'm most comfortable when I don't feel the need to put something into words.

6.     Poetry makes a lot more sense when read sitting on the grass below a big huge tree.

7.     You can tell I'm out of sorts, if I don't feel hungry on time. (Chocolate craving doesn't count as hunger)

8.     I believe in magic. A bit more than I believe in God. But I'm angry at God, so I might be biased right now.

9.     My biggest fear right now is that I might over think myself out of my emotions.

10. Maintaining a state of peace and equilibrium demands a lot more sacrifices than I expected. I'm making them anyway.


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