Monday, August 29, 2011

The Promenade - IV

Chapter 6
Along the sea side

For the next half hour, we went to craft stores and roadside stalls.
My friend bought 2 pretty crochet lanterns for her home to be at Adelaide. I got a pretty lavender stoned "Neckley" (as the boy called it), bracelet and ear rings set at a great bargain. We walked along, took more photographs. Checked out more craft exhibitions.

We spent a while sitting in one of those beach side seat-enclaves and played around with shadows.

It was a pleasant time, when we didn't talk too much. Happy memories, and calm with the company.
They say you know you've got a real friend, when you can sit next to each other for a period of time, without talking, without feeling the need to and without feeling awkward at the silence.

I know we'd long since reached that level of comfort, but this was a nice moment- time, nevertheless.

When we felt fulfilled and ready to go (considering the 4 hr journey time ahead too ;)) we set off back to the bus station.

Chapter 7
Home Bound

We boarded the bus, armed with Pepsi and popcorn, so hunger pangs don't strike like in the morning.
We were both quite exhausted from the morning travel, and generally. We decided to be good children and take a nap. More experienced, we picked a better and more comfortable bus this time. And picked the side that faces the sea again.
Sleep came in pieces. Though, even when the eyes partially opened, there was a beautiful seaside with an orange sky draping it like a pretty veil. The tall trees, stone walls marking territories, small pathways, the sea through them, the occasional back water stretches, ponds with water lilies..all closed up for the night, beautiful holiday homes... sleep, dream and being awake happened, in mixed order, so much so that it was hard to keep track of what was happening, and too comfortable to want to bother.

I woke up after a bit, and found her peacefully listening to music. I decided to too.
I remember thinking that I should load some neutral un-mood-inducing music. I plugged in my ear phones anyway. Halfway into the song, I reached out for the pop corn, and that's when it happened.

Chapter 8

The bus screeched to a halt.
People were hitting the side of the bus. There was yelling. Lights came on. Glaring head lights from various vehicles, facing random directions. Screaming and shouting.

I don't know if I'll ever forget what I saw next, though I don't think about it.
There was a man standing, and there was another man on the ground, in sitting position, leaning on the legs of the standing man. He looked like he was asleep.
There had been an accident, and the yelling and screaming, and bringing all the vehicles to a halt was mostly done by their friends.
We didn't get full details. We were hastily asked to close all windows, in case they started throwing stones.

My friend was scared they'd set fire to the bus, and she was halfway through calling a relative.
Technically I'm supposed to have been scared. At least a little. I still don't know if I was.

Our bus driver slowly inched forward, and zoomed ahead at the first sign of free space.

Chapter 9

Wide awake after that encounter, we reviewed photographs taken. Ate popcorn (finally). And talked quietly in the dark. She told me about her fiance, about all their business plans together before they started their restaurant. We spoke about life. Why we're doing what we're doing now.
Transactional Analysis. Ideal careers.
It was as deep as it was refreshing.

The sky was lit up by lightning for the rest of the journey. Signs of distant rains. Added to the perfection of it all, like a big bang ending, the day deserved.

Not many people can completely understand or accept us. We, with our fast paced lives don't take time out to just talk about anything, and everything anymore. Dunno if it was one or the other. Maybe it was both.

This also seemed like the best time for our little interlude. When we're old enough to go off on our own, and young enough to not have too many responsibilities/ things to consider hampering our taking off on our own.

We realized that our interactions had become adult-like. But, with a trust founded in the youth of teenage. We've watched each grow from girls to young women. She noted more than once that in the 2 yrs she was away (at Australia) I'd grown from an absolute tomboy to a girly girl. Not so much in the way I dress, but in the way I carried myself. That's a nice thing :) While I did that, she found the love of her life, and they have an amazing fun-love filled relationship, so that's a nice thin too.

We just lay there talking, watching our lives from a distance. Till we eventually ended up at our destination.

We bid goodbyes and left :)


A Promenade is a leisurely walk taken in a park or a pretty place.

It's a time when you go out for a stroll, and talk in detail about something...anything...many things.

Our Promenade was beautiful.

I could have written a well rounded 10 chapters, I could have split it into a more holistic 5 parts instead of 4. But no, the point isn't striving for a perfection which sometimes is pointless. That day was fun. It was happy. It didn't change life. Nothing dramatic or melodramatic. It was just simple awesomely fabulous.

Our plans didn't span out as imagined. Our objective, or what we considered out objective (french food) was not met. Though we did go to Pondy. We had a brilliant time.

I've been looking for a purpose in life.
Dunno if this answers anything.
Dunno, if, once I find it, I'll be able to achieve it.
But, it's not always necessary to reach your objective to have crazy crazy fun!

I don't think life has perfect closures. I don't know if you find answers to the gazillion questions we seem to have all the time. I'm not sure if we'll find answers even to the top 10 questions.
Perfect house, perfect career, perfect spouse ... I dunno if any of those things exist.
But perfection exists.
It exists in the million little things that are all around us. We just need to take a better look, and notice it :)

So I'm gonna have fun, make memories, and laugh till I'm doubled over as much as I can, with as many people as I can!

Hope you find your moment of Funnestness !!

Au revoir :)

The Promenade - III

Chapter 5
Funnestness !!!

I loved it ! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!!!!
The next 45 mins were probably the BEST of 2011!!

To explain why, I gotta give you a mental idea about the place.
The Promenade hotel is a 5 star boutique hotel. It is gorgeous from all angles. Every direction you look is literally picture perfect! It had the quaint Italian cafe feel on one side, sophisticated french restaurant inside, breezy sun umberrella-d feel on the other. A midst this was a small cosy pool, that was situated on a lower level. Stone stars led to the pool, surrounded by flowering trees and beach chairs.

Being 2 young women with a camera, and unlimited access to all the prettiness, oh boy did we go crazy!

It was like a half hour photo shoot for each of us.

I can't describe how or why I loved that place so much. SO much I wanted to just stay there forever. I never stopped smiling once when I was there. I was soooo happpeeee !!! Apparently in true love, you can never quite put your finger on a particular thing that makes you love so :P

The kiddy pool was all of 1 feet deep, and water lover that I am, immediately walked right it. There were pillars separating the kiddy pool from the deeper pool.
The beach chairs, under the flowering trees were perfect.
The ornamental pots - well I'd never have guessed that pots can be used to well!
The pool was big enough, but small and the combination of stone and water was waaaayyyy to heady for me!
Even my friend couldn't understand why I loved that place so much! :P
I was jumping, skipping and laughing all the while. It was bliss !!! It was excitement. It was a pure high :D

Bah, just thinking about it makes me smile a mile wide and miss it!

The only think I didn't do, was dance inside. I dunno how to swim, and falling in would have been slightly anti climax.;)

We left at 4.30 pm.
I realize now, that when I left I was happy.
I guess that place made me SO happy, that I couldn't be anything but for a while after. Knowing I had a great time and awesome memories to carry from there forever.

Now that it has been 2 days since the funnestness, I'm starting to wonder and slightly worry if I would forget how the spectacular range of positive emotions during those 2.5 hours felt. But, I hope, if not remember the feeling, my life has adequate moments where I feel so close to euphoric, that its easier to deal with the rest ;)
(Sounds dramatic, I know, but I wish you feel it too, so you know too!)

We left happily for the beach walk and souvenir shopping :)

The Promenade - II

Chapter 4

The Promenade Hotel

This hotel was along the beach side, a little further down from the cafe. First sight, if I had to use one word to describe it, I'd say it looked calm.
Since it was 2.45 pm by the time we reached there, there weren't too many people there. We two exhausted travelers flopped onto a nice comfortable sea facing sofa.

You know what they say about overall dining experience? This was it!

The food was not french :P It was not my definition of yum looking. We didn't even order dessert because it was too late. But it was delicious. I had spaghetti with basil, olive and something else. Olive turned out to be olive oil, and the basil was ground, making my spaghetti look greeeen. And I can be plenty skeptical and picky about food, and I'm vouching for it. It was yum, filling, without making one feel stuffed.

You know, though I live in a sea side city, I've never had a sea facing meal! I was surprised at this discovery. Especially since the effect is so peaceful!

That day, that morning, during long coastal journey, there were plenty of times when I thought to myself "This feeling right now, being surrounded by all this beauty, and feeling this content was enough for me. Even if the food sucked, or pondy is nothing as I expected, that journey, and those careless, weightless conversations were enough to make this trip perfect."

So every new nice aspect added to the perfection so wonderfully.

Before our meal could come, when we were nibbling on our starters, we were blissful.
Completely, absolutely,.. peaceful, calm, and blissful.
Not happy, you can be happy and sad at the same time. But this was more. And all positive.
It probably sounds hyped up. If I were reading this in some blog, I'd think the writer just has an overactive imagination and ability to sugar coat. But no... it was calming.

My job. Her career identity. Our futures. Relationship issues. All of it...none of it mattered then.At that moment, life as it was, wasn't perfect. Life didn't have to be perfect. Everything didn't have to be smooth. Issues didn't need to magically resolve themselves. Perfect jobs/ boy friends didn't have to appear out of no where. Childhood issues didn't need to be resolved.

For that one and a half hours, everything was perfect just the way it is. And we were content, completely content.

The Promenade - I


I heard somewhere that there are 2 kinds of happiness in this world, and my friend added one more type.
  The kind you feel when you're remembering a pleasant past incident is one, 
  The kind you feel when thinking of an inviting future/ moment in the future,
and finally, the happiness you feel at the moment.The  peace, bliss, contentment and lightheartedness that spreads from within the core of your being till the tingly sensation you feel at your fingertips. This kind will probably eventually turn into type 1, after the moment has passed. But that moment, it feels like that's what we live for - Moments like those. 

We all make plans, build up expectations, imagine the future playing out perfectly in our heads - things we see, dialogues exchanged, looks passed, feelings felt. All wonderfully choreographed and directed a thousand times - attention given to every minute detail - before the moment arrives.
Sometimes, what we end up with is a grave disappointment (Like the classes me and a friend of mine planned for, forever) At these times, just the planning and imagining was so much fun, that it's easy not to feel too disappointed.
At other times, what we plan / expect isn't even the shadow of what is to come, that we're blown away by it's sheer awesomeness!

The plan: Go to Pondy for lunch
Expectation: French food, souvenir shopping, fun 2.5 hr bus ride with lots of time to yap
Day: 27th August 2011

Chapter 1
The East Coast Road

Since both of us lived pretty close by, we met at 9ish last Saturday morning, after cancelling plans of last minute shopping for the trip. We had a plan. Simple enough: Go to a French Restaurant at Pondy and eat yum french food. Since the restaurant options had already been googled, we felt we were all set for the trip.
Expected travel time was 2.5 hrs. 
We entered the big big bus station and got into the first bus that had the name of our destination on its route. We realized later the silliness of our idea when we started to wonder if the bus could really win the race, if we were running along side. Nevertheless, the climate was perfect (Nothing too special if you're from the regional hillside areas, like my friend with me :P), and the entire stretch of travel, after leaving the city was along the coast. I LOVED it !!

Every time my school friends (a girly bunch of 6 of us) met up, we make such a ruckus that after a point  we started hunting down not-so-crowded hang out places. This, so the chance of us getting kicked out on the grounds of disrupting public peace reduced.
Unfortunately, on a bus that was slowly getting jam packed, our voices still felt the loudest. But caring about that lasted all of 8 seconds every one hour, when we suddenly noticed someone (new) looking at us.

The sea was blue blue blue. And the soft green of freshly washed leaves everywhere swayed peacefully as though dancing to a soft melody only they could here. The mildly cold breeze never stopped throughout.

At 12, 2 hours after boarding the bus at 9.43 AM, the bus stopped for a tea break. We got cookies merrily, and that's when noticed a board that said 101 kms to go.
If there had been background music, it would have gone from ta da ta da da da to twoooooiiiiinnnnngggggg.
We settled ourselves much more comfortably in our seats and set our minds for 2 more hours on the bus.
You know what the best part of travelling with a good friend is? You never really can run out of conversation! I remember back in our college days, we (my friend is from my coll ) used to spend hours yapping after hours, and then meet again the next day and start like we'd been apart for ages! It was just the same, the fact that we had been apart for a while gave way to that much more conversation!
We spoke about the her upcoming wedding, work lives, future plans, dream houses. Planned out bits of our dream houses from random houses we saw along the way. We conspired on easy ways to go up in life :P Jackpots that are easiest to hit.
I mini checked out this cut guy who was in the same bus ;) But he was 99% younger than us. So just made do with the fact that he was wearing a giant huge watch, which was in my line of sight. Hey ! A girl can always look :P
Before we knew it, we were at pondy!

Chapter 2
The Beach Side

Once we reached (finally at 2 pm), we realized that we should have got a bit more information, rather than just names of the top 3 french restaurants. Pondy was a mini city, and we had kinda envisioned a small beach side place with the restaurants lined up like RIGHT THERE. Umm... silly, I know.

We asked a few people, who looked most like natives, where any one of those 3 restaurants could be. We'd decided on Le Cafe. (I admit, around 1 pm we were both so hungry that we were ready to eat anything anywhere. Maybe for the heck of it, look for restaurants with Le/ La/ L' in their name. But since we'd reached, we thought, we're so close, we can make it. Yaayy for that decision!)

Everyone we asked told us its possibly along the beach, to be more specific "At the beach side!"

We had become quite skeptical by then thought. All the restaurants we'd passed didn't have Frenchy names. And Pondy didn't look like the tourist filled, activity ridden place I had imagined. (In my defense, I don't think I've been to pondy
Our driver was a very sweet yappy guy, who was telling us quite openly that the most famous thing in Pondy is the Alcohol. He was certain there wasn't much else we could get as souvenirs. He left us off at "The Beach Side", gave his number for when we might need a ride in the future and left.
"The Beach Side" is an awesome place!!! So very beautifully picture perfect. It was a row of Victorian era architecture, interlinked naturally with modern architecture - over looking the deep blue sea. The sea starts abruptly after a rocky wall, but that added to its charm. 
The road was wide, traffic scarce, and temperature perfect.

Chapter 3
Le Cafe

This is a very short chapter.
We entered. Found that its an out door restaurant. Pretty looking, quite crowded. 
But not even the teensiest bit close to the sophisticated French Restaurant we had in mind.
Hey, I don't know what exactly french cuisine constitutes of, but I do know that french is almost synonymous with sophistication. So a casual outdoor restaurant is NOT what we traveled 4 hours and 200 kms for!
We politely excused ourselves, and left in search of a more french french restaurant.
Before we move, I'd like to take a moment to explain something about Le Cafe that caught me. This was the only building that was on the beach side. The rest of the buildings were on the same road, but on the other side, facing the Beach. But Le Cafe was on the Beach Side. It looked like a house that had been converted into a restaurant, and a good look around showed how charming a home it would have made. Uncomplicated, simple and sweet. 

Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm currently BAM in the middle of whats turning out to be be quite an interesting Fight-come-argument.
Over the course of the many texts, which followed a phone slamming, I was called defensive quite a few times.

First time she said it, along with calling me sarcastic, and insincere (because I refused to a sorry, when I wasn't sorry - but apparently should have to seem like a sincere friend) and that I'm someone who loses all her friends after one fight.

Funny thing is, I stopped talking to 1 person. Who, if I remember right, was also very interested in naming people.....'s characteristic, like that defined all of them. And it's not even like I stopped, we went from talking quite a lot to keeping in touch occasionally ...very sporadically. Not the "I hate you, I wont be on the same land as you" type, definitely.

So back then, I remember she was there through that whole phase.
And I completely understand why she might think I completely cut off people after one fight.
In fact, for a while, I thought so too.

But, I'm at a much better place right now. Mentally. Understanding me, my actions, others and their actions wise. At least much better than before.

So her pointing it out made me realize 2 things prominently.
1. I DO NOT cut off people after one fight. Not at all. I've just spent an hour mentally leafing through many of my good friends, and the number of arguments we've had. Some quite serious ones too. It happens in every relationship. I figured that I don't get pissed off easily. I'm quite cool with being pushed around a bit, and making a few compromises, or not making them, and not regretting it. And most of my friends know that where is matters, I'll be there. So since really pissing me off is quite difficult, I don't think it's irrational to say I take a while to get out of it.
(The first statement was more of a joyous proclamation come from surprising realization, rather than a defensive line it might come off as)
So I'm happy to say, that I have not few but a decent number of very good friends, whom I know have traversed rougher terrains with me, and we're still on a happy journey.
(I'm pretty sure, this friend I'm arguing with currently will also be in that list. This is our first ever first in 2 years of being good friends, and 4 years of being friends by the way)

2. Defensiveness. Especially in a fight.
Imagine you're playing football, with a good friend. For the first time ever. Would you start your play with offence or defense? Either doesn't matter, but somehow, personally, I've always felt starting off with defense is a stronger strategy.
     a. You can find out how strong your opponent is.
     b. You can find out if your opponent has ego issues in losing to you
     c. I wouldn't wanna start out too strong, especially with a friend, and be called inconsiderate later on.

Playing defense doesn't always mean we feel weaker. Sometimes, its just as much for your opponent. Be it testing or helping.
So I do always start any argument, stepped back, facts/ views first.
Build as much an equal case as possible.
Somehow, its seen as defensive. That's fine.

But keep throwing "You're being defensive" "Stop being defensive" "Why are you being so defensive" at me, dud, I just might start playing offence, and trust me, I'm damn good at it.
In girl fights, all offence needs is a good memory to pull up parallels, and I can.
trying to keep things clean here, and you're not helping.


But nevertheless, when I feel irritated, I'd rather come here and blog, instead of playing offence pro=actively.

Trust me, I'm itchin', I was a left forward myself. Strong right kick ;)

But playing offence doesn't help. I know. By experience unfortunately.

Wishing I could kick a ball again.
All the football talk has got me all football nostalgic!

Yunno, I'm proud of myself. I'm not so hot headed as before.:D
Guess I'm all grown up now :P


Hehe :P

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Random Things

1.     I'm a lyrics girl

2.     My prof said girls always succeed when the propose

3.     I feel hope is too over rated.

4.     After a fight, it takes a while to start missing the person, but sometimes, that time also tends to have you getting used to life without that person.

5.     I'm most comfortable when I don't feel the need to put something into words.

6.     Poetry makes a lot more sense when read sitting on the grass below a big huge tree.

7.     You can tell I'm out of sorts, if I don't feel hungry on time. (Chocolate craving doesn't count as hunger)

8.     I believe in magic. A bit more than I believe in God. But I'm angry at God, so I might be biased right now.

9.     My biggest fear right now is that I might over think myself out of my emotions.

10. Maintaining a state of peace and equilibrium demands a lot more sacrifices than I expected. I'm making them anyway.

Crushed crush

My blog's readers probably noticed that I leave my blog unattended when life is all happy happy.
Initially I used to feel guilty, but I guess, my blog knows that every time I'm blissfully happy, I write a blog post in my head, but am so happily living in the moment, that I never get around to penning it down here.
Since that's a part of Imaginative Realist, my blog's fine with me. And we're happy children.

Now am back here, and yup life ain't so great at THIS moment.
Despite the ball room dancing (*mini Darcy dream*) session that's gonna happen tonight.

Why am I so sad? My crush, whom I shall not name, of the better part of the past year is dating someone now.
I found out from a friend today. I was in a meeting, so I'd left my phone unattended, and the little message box waiting for me. I open it, read it twice, and I could feel the aura around me go from sunshiney and sparkly (like earlier today) to dark ...gloomy... eye shodaowy... black. Inky black.
Like so :

Anyway ...their happily dating. Apparently not yet in love.
Yup, that's supposed to my consolation now ! Eeesh.

I shall NOT obsess any more over the bird that flew away.

Damn, silly dream indicators !!!

From above, only thing I can infer is: I NEED A LIFE !!!!

One part of my heart (that might need mending) will always be kept aside for you. Sniff.

I'm gonna be the cool person that I am, wish them happy (with a tinge of regret of course) and walk away (figuratively)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Nightmare

I woke up at 3.30 AM, to the feeling of someone pulling at my toes.
Images of people in white, covered in splashes of blood, body parts missing, on an open bus, raiding the streets harassing others for body parts still vivid in my head. The instinct to protect my mom and my sister still strong and real. And of course, the heart that wouldn't stop racing.

The last time I had a nightmare was definitely more than 4 months ago.

Getting a nightmare is no big deal, I don't stay terribly afraid for a long time that night. All that stopped when I was a kid. It's just that feeling of unrest that prevails.
If I had a nightmare, I used to hold my mom's hand and go back to sleep. And all was well again.
That was long ago too. 
For the past 4 years, every time I had a nightmare I used to call him or message him. Even if he were asleep, and all I did was text my nightmare, it still felt fine. Because I had gotten it out of my system.
When I was at my college hostel for 2 years, I always had the option of just walking down the road at any point of the night and find someone to talk to, to take my mind of the nightmare. Even then, if/ when I didn't want to find someone, he was just a call or text away.

Last night, there was no one to call or text.
No one to tell me it'll be alright, and make me laugh about something silly again.

I woke up this morning, still feeling restless, Anger much closer to the surface than it has been for a while.

The nightmare wasn't what occurred in my sleep last night, that was just a bad dream. The real nightmare, the one I'll have to live with, was the realization that struck when I woke up because of the bad dream.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Couch

Do you know that feeling when you're super exhausted...tired and hungry
When you get home, and just go bonk on the couch
Too exhausted to move
But you know there is nothing to eat
Thirsty as hell,
All that's left to drink is water. Plain H2O
You reach out for it, and drink a small sip.
You feel empty, and this little gulp helps a bit.

At first you decide to rummage through your supplies,
Look for something
To re-energize yourself.
You find nothing
Except that you're more exhausted now

You go back to the couch

You don't move because moving would mean exhausting a bit more of the precious little energy you have left

And just lie there, taking occasional sips of water.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Letting Go

Letting go doesn't require taking up a course that uses ALL of your mind space
Letting go doesn't require jumping into a relationship to replace something else that you lost.
Letting go doesn't require relocating to a different city to try and restart
Letting go doesn't require trying something completely new just so you feel on the edge
Letting go doesn't require taking time off and trying to desperately think your way out of it
Letting go doesn't require obsessing till depression

Letting go doesn't require pretending it never mattered anyway
Letting go doesn't require numbing yourself

Letting go doesn't always require torrents of tears

Letting go doesn't require a bottle of Vodka.

Letting go doesn't mean that the love you felt was never real,
Letting go doesn't mean that those memories will leave you or become meaningless.

Letting go just needs you to accept that you will be fine without whom/ what you let go.

I will be fine.
Because I have been fine.

I'm letting you go

The love was real, those memories will be cherished for a life time, and an occasional tear will be spilt.


I am... finally... letting all of you... go.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Incomplete music

“Sing with me! It’ll be fun!!”

“Isn’t the cliché supposed to be ‘dance with me’ ?!” She laughed.

“I’m not joking. C’mon!”

It was an on the spot singing competition being held at a mall, hundreds watching.

“I might be able to carry a pitch or two, but I most definitely can’t sing.”, “The audience will get nightmares for years and years to come” she added dramatically.


“Which song?”


“It’s not even a duet, why do you need me for?! Go sing it, and I’ll be here cheering you on”


He had a way of saying her name, that had always made her give in.

You couldn’t call them best friends. They didn’t hang out together a lot. But, when they were together, there was an easy comfort about them.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Don’t ever make me do something like that again!!”

His laugh was soft as he said, “You were amazing.”

The simple way he said it, like a statement and not an exclamation made her smile.

Her smile made him slightly embarrassed, so he quickly changed the topic.

“What do you think of when you hear… or sing ‘Incomplete’, seeing as it is a sad song and you seem to know it by heart.”

She laughed out loud.

He had just wanted to distract her, but now he realized he really wanted to know. And her laughter made him more than just a little uncomfortable. His nervousness probably was very apparent as it just made her laugh louder.

“As weird as it sounds, Incomplete actually is a very happy memory for me. And I remember my sis every time I hear that song.

It was a few weeks after I had bought my first key board. Amy plays the guitar, right? So we were looking for a song that has good bits of both key board and guitar. Since I already had the sheet music of Incomplete, we decided on it.

Found tutorial videos online, and the lyrics. We spent the next two hours staring at the tutorial and singing along at the top of our voices. It was almost midnight when we realized that we had been so engrossed in the singing that the music was completely forgotten!

The guitar was still smugly on her lap, and being used as a drum, the music standing in for karaoke and the video of the piano, a blur at the back of her heads.

We realized it, and started laughing so hard, and when we stopped laughing, we saw the screen and sang along with the same gusto “baby…Oh baby, it’s written on your face” and then we laughed even more at that.”

She paused briefly at that to laugh again at her own story. He smiled as she continued.

“We were just so happy singing, not a care in the world about those poor sleeping souls. And I don’t think we ever got around to learning to play the song! Yet every time I hear it, it makes me smile.”

She finished that with a sweet smile of her own.

“Oh my God! I didn’t realize how late it is. I’ll get going OK!”

He just smiled again, and nodded as she ran.

No one quite heard him say quietly “When I hear that song, I think of you. Now I’ll still think of you,” This was why he had chosen the song after all. “Only I guess I will be smiling at it too”.

His smile was bittersweet.

But remembering her story again, he laughingly shook his head, got up and walked slowly to his car.

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