My Dearest Li'l one,

How are you?

You with hands so tiny, you need both of them to cold your bottle, and all your strength to drink from it.
You with trust so great, that my little finger is enough to make you feel secure.
You with a smile so open it can make the hardest heart feel happiness.
You so tiny, all set to explore the world.
The world, your world filled with strange giants.

If you like someone, give them a hug with your little hands.
Hold on tight and never let go.
Kiss them too.
Smile a lot and laugh a lot more.
If you want to cry, cry.
Don't let anyone get mad at you for crying, especially me.
And if I'm not doing it already, hold me when you cry. It feels better to do so on a shoulder.

I know you'll trust me enough to repeat anything I say, as loud as your little voice will carry it. Remind me to teach you to say 'I love you'. Say it as many times as possible, and to as many as possible. 
If someone tells you that they love you, tell them that you love them too. At your age, I know you will with all your heart.

Play in the sand,
Dance in the rain, 
Sing off key with all the words wrong at the top of your lungs
Eat with both your hands,
Chase ants
Scribble on all that you find
Smear chocolate all over your face
Draw on the walls
Sleep 14 hours a day.

You might never get to do those things in a few years.

Expect me to pay more attention to you, even when I say I'm doing something, and don't ever forget that you are more important to me that anything else.
Don't be afraid to scrape your knees, I'll take care of them for you, and they heal.
Climb as high as you want to, as long as I'm there, I'll keep you safe.

There are a thousand more things I want to say to you,
Ten thousand ideas on how to be the perfect mother,
Millions of doubts and fears about the same
And a billion things I want to do with you.

Love you with all of my heart,
Yours always.

P.S: Penning these thoughts down now, in case I forget them in the flurry when you come.