Eating that frog

We're back to old fashioned rants at Imaginative Realist.
Point of focus: My Job.

I have a nice job (weird way to start bitching about it, I know.Lets go with it though)
I have a nice job, great timings, my boss bugs me strictly only once a day (intensity varies, but number never does, so I like that consistency) and the work load is very decent.

I hate rejections.
Hate is an understatement.
I loathe and detest them.
I'm not one of those girls with a Princess Complex, who think they deserve everything, and shouldn't be denied anything. Nah unh.
I know what I deserve and what I don't. At least a rough idea.
So, when I know I won't get something, I either won't try going for it at all, and if I do gather up the courage, to go for something, when I don't know if it'll get approved or rejected, I go with ALL the doubts, the 'half' empty side might as well be an empty ocean, for the amount I'm prepared for the final 'no'. When it could be a yes too.
This could apply to anything. As simple as asking my sis if I could borrow a ear ring for a night. (Where the probability of a NO is like 5% is my point)
So, that's how much I hate rejections. I'm already making back up plans for how to handle the 'no' and what are my alternatives.
When I know it might be a no, my asking itself is "I know it's gonna be a no, I don't mind it, but se...."
Not very effective. (Ask the 2 guys I liked ;P )

Why am I blabbing about all that after saying my focus is on my Job today?
Because I joined my company's BD dept. What am I doing now? Sales.
Cold calling.
Which has probably got the highest rejection rates in the history of Rejections!!!!!!
I call people in Europe, who reject in the worst way possible: Very politely. Grrr.
At least reject rudely, and slam the phone down so I can hate you in peace.
Oh wait, no emotions in the work place....Eeeeeesh !
Not that one form of rejection is better than the other, but seriously?!

I can take mockery to great extents, i can take pranks like a sport, I can take all the anger/ misunderstanding you lash out on me, and patiently wait for you to calm down. I can take them all like a princess. But I can't take rejection. It .....

ARGH ! Chincha !

Well, that frog I had avoided for ever and ever, I'm eating that now.

So God, if You're up there and watching (You better be!) I've become more patient, and now I'm learning this too. So better do something fast !!!

Till then, .... well nothing, I'll wait.


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