2 minutes

I was stuck in traffic yesterday.

I ride a bike to office, and there’s always a traffic jam on my way back. I’ve gotten quite used to it. It’s my time, when I can think, count the number of bikes around me, look at flowers along side or do any random thing that catches my fancy at the moment.

Yesterday, diagonally in front of me, not very (not at all) far from my bike was another bike. This jam I get stuck in normally lasts a minimum of 10 minutes, when everyone inches their forward.
So, this bike in front of me was going to be in front of me for a while.
Why is that piece of information relevant?
Because on the bike in front of me was a man, riding pillion was his wife, and hugging the wife was a tiny sleepy, half-asleep baby with its teensie hand dangling over her (the mom’s) shoulder.

Tiny babies are awesome, aren’t they?
Especially the yawning drowsy ones!
I was so lost in admiring this one, smiling to myself, when all the vehicles moved forward a few inches.
The baby’s daddy riding slowly, and me having no need for such concerns, accelerating more, I moved a bit more forward than he did.
The result?
Tiny baby’s hand was dangling just above mine!!!
Total aaaaaaaaaaawwww moment.
I gave in to temptation and slowly touched the ultra soft baby palm with my pointy finger. The baby that had been half asleep, opened half it’s eyes (I have no clue whether it was a she or a he!) moved its hand a small bit till my pointy finger was firmly in its grasp, adjust its head, brushing cute chubby baby cheeks against the mother’s shoulder and went back to sleep with the most serene expression on its tiny baby face.

We were there probably for 2 minutes at the max, before the next burst of traffic movement.
I got to hold and stroke the hand that was hardly the size of 3 of my fingers put together. It was so soft, and the baby so adorable.
When the baby’s dad moved forward, there was this one moment when he/she held on tighter, trying not to let go… and I stretched my arms as far as I could till we had no choice but to break contact.

It was just a moment in life.
Not a life altering one. Not an important one.
Just a special one, worth remembering.
Hence this post, dedicated to that little baby who’s hand I got to hold for 2 minutes.
Who I like to believe felt safer for 2 minutes holding my hand, and who still brings a smile on my face, when I remember those 2 minutes.


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