Expectations and Availability

Playing hard to get.

I never understood that concept. When you like someone why would you want to be hard to be gotten?

Give and take
Meet me half way

Now I get it. Make yourself available, and everyone just bloody walks all over you.
I used to think that I have to meet others expectations, and not disappoint them. Even the slightest ones. It was never about not saying no, to me, it used to be why say no, when I just might be able to do it. Even if it means taking an extra step in the opposite way, and strapping down some of the regret or doubts I had.

Now I realize it was just plain stupid.
The world can be a better place if we just keep each other happy. It's not so difficult.
But I realize now, that it is difficult when you take all the trouble, and no one notices. And no one bothers to take the trouble for you, because you're just the push over anyway. What can she want.

So now, I've learnt my lesson. (Hope I did). The cliched hard way.
I know I will be trying to meet every one's expectations again, because its become a habit. But I'm going to take a conscious effort not to.
I'm going to take a step back. Then many more.

Compromise. I can't play hard to get, if I want to be gotten. But right now, I'm so sick of the games other people play, that it makes it simple for me to be hard to get.

Some people ask me why I do stuff alone. The answer only a handful of people I know will get.
Sometimes, its simpler to do things alone, happily, than to put on a fake smile for someone.

Meeting people halfway.
Makes sense.
An art everyone around me seems to have a handle over. Damn it.
Adulthood sucks.


- Sugar Cube - said…
I never understood playing hard to get either. And I've been on the vulnerable side coz of the same.

Seriously , adulthood is too complex.
Wish they had a guide book of some sort ;)

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