Today's my sister's first day at college.
Remember yours?

Mine was 6 years ago, doesn't seem like that long ago, considering all that, that has passed between that day when I was an eager, young, fresh out of school "College girl" for the first time and today, when I'm a Young, working adult.
So many things have changed indeed.
I remember stepping into my first day, with all of my 17 year old doubt and apprehensions. Entering and thinking "Hey this looks just like school on Children's day! (when u don't have to wear uniforms)"
I went to a convent school, and then I went to a Girl's College, you see.
My first impression rapidly went through a reassessment after all the conversations I heard.Not very school girlish anymore.
I remember odd bits and pieces of my first day at college: 
  • Standing in front of a Lily Pond and taking an oath never to fall in love with the dry cleaner like "Silly Lily" did.
  • Standing on an elevated patch of grass and swearing never to back stab a friend, like the girl playing Brutus did to her friend who was acting as Ceacer.
  • Being taken on long complicated paths to blocks that had a direct simple approach in 'pairs'
  • Sitting in a room with high tables and chairs (which was the lab, that later became the beloved gossip/ counselling place)
  • Shy 'hi's to the girl walking next to me
  • being shocked at the audacity of the girl who 'spoke too much right on her first day'. She eventually discontinued to join a different course in a different university.
  • Sitting for the first time in a class that had as much windows as walls, the third floor class room, which had the heavenliest views of the trees around.
  • I saw did more classifications and stereotyping than I had in a life time!
So on....and on. And all that was just the beginning.
I just got off the phone with a girl I didn't speak to properly till my 3rd year, and now she's one of my very best friends. Good beginning. Awesome experiences.
Most number of exhilarating "First times", most dreams achieved, and more dreamt... College was fun.

Today I briefly relived who I was, and loved it :)
Gonna make a conscious effort to be mentally that young and dream that high again !


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