Science Vs. Art

Surgeons, I heard are taught not to feel anything for their patients, the minute they step into the OR. It has to be all clinical beyond that point. Sterile. You go in, cut, locate the problem, incorporate the solution, suture, close, leave.
As much as I tried, life can’t be dealt with, in the same way.
I tried. Take a problem, dissect it, analyse it, till I understood cause and effects. This is quite easy. If there was anything I perfected in my 3 years of studying Psychology, it was this. Being completely clinical: Best way to understand self. Even relationships.

There was a slight problem there. You can only be so clinical as to understand what the problem is. Like from MRI, CT, ECG results. They’re clean and clinical too. Only problem is, with life you can just cut, remove the problem and suture under completely sterile conditions. You can only understand. The treatment is never that simple. Sometimes long and complicated. And many a time, TIME itself is supposed to be the healer. That requires a lot of patience, especially because you never quite know in what stage of recovery you are for sure. And there are so many things happening at once. Old problems being solved, new ones being created (:P) and some in the process of being healed.

Scientists can explain the world. But only artists can give it a soul.

And right now, I’m looking for a way to wake the artist in me!
The scientist in me kinda bored her into a coma :P


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