A moment of life

I'm an amateur photographer. My favourite subjects are clouds, trees, the ocean, and the sun. Though I would have loved to, I haven't started experimenting with the moon yet.
Last Sunday, I had one of my most satisfying photo shoots so far, and what was different about it? By some odd luck, my subjects this time happened to be turtles, horses, the guy riding the horse, a girl picking up shells, another girl carrying a monkey, flying pigeons, crabs and so on ...When I was clicking, I didn't notice the deviation from my normal point of focus. I went home, and as usual, uploaded it, showed it to my dad and sis, and picked one for my dad's wall paper.
I've always strangely associated my dad with the horse ... Rich and proud looking, but in reality hard working, and very very helpful. With a presence! So I picked the one with the horse for his wall paper.
Though we had considered the turtle, crab and the girl with the monkey too ..even a walking crow !
We were just looking it to make sure it looked good as a wallpaper when my dad asked us
"Guess what's special about this one?"
We came up with all the predictable answers ...
"Horse? The guy riding the gorse?The angle?The lighting?"
But he persisted
"What is SPECIAL about it?"
We'd given up by then... and told him that we had considered others, and even they were good!
He held on,
"So what was special about ALL of them?"
"True...but what about it ?"
"Um.....no idea...tell us !!"
"They're all alive!" He replied with a flourish ..
My sis and I just stared at him for a minute, then declared it the lamest joke ever, and left.

Later, when I was putting away my camera, and filing my photographers, something struck me. As much as I love the sunrise, and as much as the sky, the colours, and the brilliance of it amazes me EVERY TIME I go to see the sunrise, for that matter a full moon night at the beach or a drive along the coast ! I'd already gotten bored of clicking it. And this time, I enjoyed clicking after quite a while, only because my object of focus was not the sand, water or the sky. It was life!
A laughter captured, a little girl's excitement at finding a beautiful shell, a crab peeking, a horse looking at the sun, a little girl with a trained monkey looking in the horizon, having a faraway lost and sad look in her young eyes .... those or pictures that I will never get bored of taking! Because no 2 expressions are the same...

I find myself learning more and more, and growing as a photographer. I'm very excited at the prospect of exploring more into this field and finding my signature style. My unique style of capturing those moments and freezing them to go back to later.
Special Thanks to my dad for helping me in yet another way to discover something important!.
I realized that like with talking, even in photography I prefer a single point of focus approach. I'm not very comfortable with clicking bunches of people. There's so much to explore from a single person, a single look, eyes closing one second too long...A smile from a distance that can make the whole world fade away...
There's so much ..intensity in these things that it makes me uncomfortable with groups. So far. My interaction with the world is very similar. I'm learning more about myself as I journey through photography.
And, I'm loving every step of the way :)

Say Cheese ;)


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