Feather in the wind

I went on a trip, met a LOT of wonderful people, saw some of the most beautiful places in the world, felt a lot of new things, and did what I've always wanted to do, go somewhere perfect, just sit and write, as I smiled :) Grinned like an idiot sometimes, as I looked out the window, and found myself falling in love.
I wrote so many things in my head, but to put it down, I found myself reaching for my journal.

Today, as it struck me again that it's the last day of May. June will begin tomorrow. With its share of musings and brooding, and how much more alone I will be this year. This June, after the messy God bye I will be saying soon enough.
Good byes are always messy, and I've always sucked at it. My strategy has always been to leave first. Won't work this time, so June is gonna start with a Good bye. 
All this struck me as I was watching Grey's anatomy, and I wanted to come here. I wanted to blog. I wanted to write it all out here.
But, all my good memories, my happy moments, my really happy moments found themselves a cosy page in my diary or journal in my cupboard.

Initially I felt  guilty for my blog. Like I was ill treating it, dumping on it. This place is like my best friend, or so I thought, to whom I tell everything. But, my best friends know me as a goofy, cheerful, impulsive, happy go lucky person who occasionally goes into bouts of sadness, or broodiness. OK, sometimes, more than occasionally, though not that often.... but you don't know that do you? :)

I think this blog is like a field for me... a wide open field, with trees for shade, but not so many. Just a few. You know those soft pink flowers, with like a million tendril like petals we blow into the wind ? That's what I do here.
This is a place where I can come and blow the feather into the wind, so it will go ... where ever ...just blow away, and I can walk back with one load less to carry :)

The feather ain't always something sad. It might depict a tear or a thought, just something I wanna put out there, so I don't have to worry about it anymore.
And this is where I come to blow it away, because I know they're safe here :)


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