Birthday Review

20. HP mini notebook (My Birthday gift to myself :P )
19. I pod nano
18. Head phones (Found a new one in my gizmo cupboard o.o)
17. Helmet (small)
16. High strappy footwear (Double Thankoo Nikster!)
15. Trip to some place nice (Goin in the end of this month)
14. Salsa classes
13. Casio
12. Piano classes
11. Denim Black Jacket.
10.  Snickers bar(s)
9. Cho pie (Bestest mind reading friend!! )
8. Chocolate ice cream instead of cake (garnished with loadsa chocolate sauce and nuts) (Made -    By the best sister in the World !!!)
7. 23 candles
6. Red lays party pack (Almost for Lunch !! :D - again best sister in the world )
5. new big dangly ear rings (silver/ black)
4. Super man tee shirt
3. Balloons
2. Flowers (gerbers/ or any big, brightly coloured flowers)
1. Social Psychology by Baron and Bryne, 11th Edition (Merci Mr.G)

Oh well.
I did get a few things I always wanted - A silver clutch
Hair Curlers
Things I needed: Net book sleeve

Basic point: material things mean squat in deciding how good or bad a birthday is, they contribute, but small amounts.
Though, some flowers would'v always been nice :P

Thank you to all those who made my 23rd memorable !
Big hug :)


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