Within the blink of an eye ...

I went over to meet a colleague today to get more information on something. I was quite looking forward to meeting her again. She is one of those people who can talk a mile a minute, a smile that makes you want to smile too and knows how to make anyone feel like they belong. I've worked with her only for about 2..5 hours before. Real little time, but anytime we crossed each other, we always say a big hello of long lost friends, and ask our how are yous - as time permits.
Today she wasn't in ... and they told me who would be able to give that info and when. Right when I was about to leave, they told me that she had lost her husband to an accident, yesterday.
She had been married for just about a year's time... and in that 5 hours we had together, she had told me how he had wooed her in college, and how though she always liked him, never said yes till the end of their course, their fight with their parents, and how super sweet he was always. Coming to pick her up at night, waiting till she arrives to eat ... and now, he's no more.
About 2 weeks back, a distant relative of mine passed away. Brain tumour, diagnosed a week prior to her demise and she spent 2 days out of those 7 days in coma.
So quick. Gone.

Today, on my way to office, while coming down the bridge, suddenly all vehicles screeched to a halt, 5 meters in front of me. I managed to stop too, with good distance.

That's what I thought off when I heard of her husband,
Its scary ... my first reflex is always to call up my dad and sis and tell them how much I love them.

Then I always wonder... since things like this keep happening, should I live my life so big that everyone remembers how much fun I had, or should I live it so low that no one notices?

I don't know when, how or why we get so attached to life that giving it up becomes so scary ...
I hope his soul rests in peace.
And I think, I don't want to live it loud or stay low... I just wanna live it loved and love a lot :) That way, no matter how I live, I can go with no regrets.

If you love someone, tell them,
You might not get a chance tomorrow
If you have a crush on someone,
Hint at it :P
If you want to do something
And can do it now,
Do it. Right now.
If you want to cry,
Shed the tears so you can smile again!
I hope you admire the little things
I hope the sky always brings awe
I hope when you close your eyes,
You don't feel worry
And God forbid you do,
And your head feels heavy
I hope you have a shoulder to rest it on
I hope you remember to keep yours available too
And most of all,
I hope you love and trust like a little kid
Who hold on so tight,
With all its might
Even if its just a little finger,
That you have to offer.


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