I'm fine

"I'm fine" is the biggest lie a person can accomplish easily in this world.
2 reasons.

  1. The person who asks "are you ok?" doesn't really care about the answer, he/she just wants to know that he himself was caring and considerate.
  2. We are conditioned to answer it "I'm fine"

Did you know that, at any giver point of time, you can completely start believing in something, just by saying that to yourself, in a convincing tone, and few deep breaths?
Try this: Take a deep breath, and say "I can become president", 3 times to yourself, and see yourself as the president. Chances are huge, that you can convince yourself that you can become president.
Same goes for 'I'm fine'. Just say that to yourself, and you'll believe it and go about life normally.

Pretending is an interesting thing. Its like so successfully lying to yourself. Helps you go about life so normally.
But one day, when you're sitting all by yourself, guards down, the truth might come stealthily from behind and hit you so hard, it will rock your very foundation. Because my friend, lying to others is one thing, but lying to yourself might protect you at some point, but when it strikes you, it comes down with full force, shoving you to the reality of how lonely and pathetic your life is that you have to lie to your own self to continue normally.

Why am I writing this? To stop myself from breaking down right here.

All my castles came crashing down on me.
I'm not fine.


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