Hiiyyyeeeeee !!!

I'm back with the second post in the same day ! Nope, it ain't one of my confused phases :P
I glanced through my previous two posts, and it struck me why, when a really good friend of mine first read my blog a few months ago, she held my hand, apologized for not being able to get Tulips (My favourite flower) and asked "You're really hurting aren't you?"
I stared dumbstruck at her for 2 minutes, then laughed heartily.
She and I speak almost every day, laugh about the craziest, dumbest things, she knows all my worries, and yet, one night of reading my blog convinced her, a psychologist, that I was hurting inside. Its funny, how some words are more convincing that others.
So this post is for all those who read my blog, and happen to pass and care enough to worry about me, I'm not sad. Sure I hurt inside, but no more than any one else. You see, to me, writing is a way of figuring things out. When I'm confused, or when I'm sad/ angry/ irritated, especially those times when the exact source is not known to me, I write. Or rather, I used to write, and when I gave up my journal, I started blogging. Its my way of working through whatever is eating my brain right then. At the end of the post, I'm clear I've told somebody my problem. (A blog has that talent, because I write it, and post it out there to the World Wide Web, I feel like some one's listening, and its not my secret burden to carry), and I move on, quite happily, with my life.

So you know, those days when I'm blogging like crazy, 2 or more posts a week, those are my confused phases, otherwise, I'm out there living my life :D, and having a blast. So, if you're asking, 'So many posts lately, whats up?' Well, I'm in the most trying stage of my Young adulthood, where both the major developmental milestones are looming ahead like boulders, big ones, in the middle of the road.
My professional life and personal life see many people questioning, exclaiming or looking at it skeptically, me included, with no answers (or even clues!) visible in the near future. So 2011 is going to be a roller coaster, and I already know it, but hey! I bet you've been there or are there right now, or will get there too :P

I'm a happy person, figuring my way into womanhood, and having a loving family, and supportive friends seeing me through it! (Thank you guys) And enough of a girl left in me to appreciate every new Sunrise :D

Hugs and kisses y'all !!