Against all odds

Freeze! Pause! Wait till I can catch my breath!

Have you ever felt like the whole world went on mute suddenly? Where everyone and everything around you suddenly became nothing more than a blur. And just one thing is crystal clear, but even that is not registering, not matter how hard you look at it? Forget the fact that even if heaven depended on it, it would've been difficult to tear your focus from that thing.

That's how I felt at 12.08 PM today.
Its one thing looking at ever '1 new message' and wondering if/ hoping it will be a certain some one's message. Its a TOTALLY different thing when it actually arrives when, in heart of hearts, I had given up hope. To the extent that I was already busily orchestrating how future 'bumping into each other' scenarios would pan out, and the smoothest way for me to deal with it and not make a fool of myself then.

So here I am, working, slightly bored, wondering if I should eat my lunch before or after the meeting that's coming up, and my phone buzzed. I picked it up, more than happy to have a diversion, and THAT is when it happened.

One line. One small question. Longest figurative pause ever!

I wouldn't say the last 2 weeks have been like a pause, they weren't, I was bumping along its ups and downs, felt it pretty well. The pause was those 2 minutes that I stared and the message, when it didn't register what it said, let alone thinking up and answer. Point was, it was there, starring at me, and I was starring back.

So... all the drama aside, guess its not Good Bye after all.
I am very happy that it didn't end. Very glad indeed :P

All said, I must also mention that something in me changed in these 2 weeks. He is no more my fall back person, nor my go-to person. He's just a very dear friend.

PS: After the pause, we spoke about it, cleared out the air, gave points of view, all that, about 4 hrs ago. Don't know how it will go from here. But I guess this friendship might just last, against all odds :)


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