"Where's your shoe ?"

I went to school to pick up my sister today.
It was about the same time that nursery schools lets out.

So there I was, sitting on a small bench, next to a column, outside the school canteen, waiting for my sister.
The bench was a meter long.... and the column at the end of it
2 teensie lkg kids came running,
one hid behind the pillar
the other ran around, and ended up in front of her
both screamed .. screeched rather, at being found!
Then the fun/ funny part began
the second one said "I'll hide, you find me"
and she went ....
all the way
to the other side of the column!
Stood super straight, holding the skirt of her tiny frock so its not seen through the sides of the column.
This girl circled me
(first one)
went around to the second
and then they shrieked again

they played exactly like that for almost a whole 10 minutes!

Hide and seek in 1.5 square metres of place, with one person and a pillar in between !!!
it was so adorable.
And in this flurry my neck and eyes were having trouble with all the tiny movement around me

So..yeah... this is going on for sometime
and I notice that one of our heroines' is missing a shoe !
She's running around with one shoe, and both the socks in place .
So, during the course of this game, it so happened she decided to be innovative, and hide on my side
she stood next to where I was sitting
cosily holding my hand and looking around furtitvely
so I asked he THE question
"where's your shoe?"
had I expected a serious answer about it having broken, or a sad one about her losing it,
I was sorely mistaken !

"I don't know!"
she replies

With the incredulity , and the same tone she would have used , had I asked her "Who is the deputy chief miniter of zambia?"
Not a care in the world !
But, undaunted, I ventured ..."aren't you going to look for it?"
By then I had lost her attention, as her dear friend had almost completed the turn around the column
and it was nearing shrieking time
I got a vague "um ...play!!!"
and off they ran, continuing their game around the pillar.

To be that age :) 


The best of them happen in real life :)
Crossworder said…
This one made my day Jenny...I LOVE it. Couldn't have been narrated better.

I love it love it love it!

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