Midnight allure

Aren't nights beautiful?
When I close my eyes, it feels like I'm in a pool of black silk... the feeling that can be felt only at nights...
It makes one poetic almost :)

She was part of the night
Her walk was so slow
Her skirt that trailed behind,
Caressed  the wind that blew
She was a hugging herself...
A smile tugged at her lips
Her gaze wasn't exactly fixed
Did she belong to the night?
Or did the night belong to her ?!
One couldn't really tell
In her magic, you just fell
She walked on
Seemingly without a care in the world
Maybe  it stopped, may be it turned...
It seemed too trivial to matter right then
Waves washed away her footprints
Like even they wanted to guard her secrets
Some thing made her turn
The same thing made her laugh
I didn't know butterflies were awake this late
She didn't chase it
She just watched it fly around her
and then fly away
Her smile was now full blown
Pity, wishes couldn't make time pause
Right at that moment.
For forever.
I hadn't realized I'd stopped,
till she started walking again.
Slower this time
And somehow sadder
The smile was still there
But the eyes seemed burdened
What passed through her thoughts,
During those few minutes
I wondered
Then her eyes smiled too
I guess it was just a fleeting memory
Of a distant past
Unforgotten, yet lost.
She walked on, with a determination
And a bounce in her step
I followed no more
I just stood there... just stood
The waves gently touched my toes
Telling me to break from the trance
I could still smell the roses
Part of her fragrance

She didn't belong to the night.
The night didn't belong to her.
She wasn't even part of the night.
She was the night.

When I wrote this, in my head, I was at the ocean, there were no stars in the sky. I was sitting where the waves could tease my legs, but not come closer. The breeze was gently singing her song, and night was all around me :)
Is all around me...


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