Life, laughter and love

This is just a random post ... So don't expect a flow of thoughts :)

I was watching bedazzled, silly movie, but one dialogue, or rather its intonation struck me.
"Yea yea, life is meaningless, death is inevitable". Totally carelessly. HA !
So... basically, many not just feel it, apparently, its like a known fact of life!!
Some one could've just given me a heads up you know :-/
Here I am, mourning and ranting over the purposeless-ness of my life, all to find out that, so what !?! Live it anyways!
I guess living is like playing a board game, winning, the number of points you get, the decisions you make, will probably mean squat once the board is closed, but it has never stopped us from giving it our best and trying to win anyways. I'm so glad I cleared that up for myself :D

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine, and we ended up laughing till our stomachs ached, and laughing about it even after a couple of days, when the topic was brought up. She's miles and miles and miles away unfortunately, but, somehow, over and beyond that, we're able to not just keep in touch, but share our laughter and tears too. Quite beautiful don't you think?
A week or so after that, when I was feeling low for no special reason, and another friend, who's happened to take that day off from work was there. He is also too far away for my liking, yet that Friday almost felt like a Birthday I had spent with him (what feels like ages ago now!) We were yapping the whole day, no concrete topic, just many here and there. We planned, we B planned... and ... no points for guessing, we laughed. A lot. About absolutely inconsequential things.
I was watching a series, Korean one, they can really make you feel good you know? The guys are decently hot, around my age, women were fab clothing, great cars and they have a good sense of humour too. It got me laughing all by my self, around 2 AM, on a night I couldn't sleep. Made me quite happy too...

Why am I recounting such haphazard events? Obviously you figured out by now, the common link, that is... Laughter. I think as we grow old... we forget one of the best things that we have. Laughter. Remember the days in school, when something you don't even understand can have you hooting with laughter for hours ! It was almost always with someone... I guess, we're missing that out... time and laughing. I definitely miss those days when we started the day hugging each other, and laughing away ... be it a chem prof, or a song that made us wanna cackle away.

Though the title says love, I'm not gonna blab about it ...

But there are a few questions wandering around in my head ...

Will you keep a promise to a loved one, no matter what the price?
Will you give up something you absolutely love, because someone special asks you to?
When you've said more 'Good Bye's than your heart can take, is it still fair of people to expect you to hold on?

My answers ...
1. I hope so
2. Apparently, but I'll find a way to get keeping it, with approval...
3. ............ I wish I knew....


Between love and friendship, if you had to pick one, which would it be?